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Q: What does it mean when you are fart and diahrea incontinent?
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Do guinea pigs fart?

Yes, they can and they do especially if they are fed cabbage or broccoli.

What causes diahrea right after eating out?

Why when I get diahrea right after eating its only when i eat out

What does coose mean?

Coose is a silent fart, and how you get it is really funny. Your butt is really narrow inside of it and when you want to fart, the fart has no space to come out, and it makes a silent sqeauky sound, instead of a big one, but sometimes it doesn't even make a sound, instead it really smells bad. It smells so bad that it can destrot a whole city. It also can become a Evelyn, witch means you can get diahrea. If you choose a Daniela, it will become into a conctepation. Thank you for wasting your time and reading this.:)

What does bubble fart mean?

When you you fart in the bath it makes bubbles

What does continent mean in spanish?

continente (both as meaning a land mass, or the opposite of 'incontinent').

When was Incontinent in Ten Continents created?

Incontinent in Ten Continents was created in 1991.

What does tumduddy mean?


What do you do if your hamster has diahrea?

go to the vet

Do you always have diahrea with celiac disease?

That is one of the symptoms to Celiac Disease but when you figure out you have Celiac Disease then it will go away. You will not be able to eat wheat which caused the diahrea. But, if you start eating wheat/gluten again the diahrea will come back.

What does the word Pumpernickel literally mean in German?

Fart Like the Devil or Devils Fart

What do you mean by Fr?

Fart France

What does Not complete not total mean?

To not fart