What does it mean when you begin to see and feel imaginary things such as a non-human black shadow at night?


This is a great question. The "at night" part is important. We sometimes experience a state of mind in which we are floating between wakefulness and sleeping/dreaming. That common and unpleasant feeling of wanting to run in a dream, and being completely unable to move, may be part of this. When we experience this while trying to get to sleep, these experiences are called "hypnagogic". When we experience them toward the morning when we are waking up, they are called "hypnopompic". What you describe could be hypnagogic in nature. they feel very much like they could be real events, and they can be freightening. However, they are harmless. Or, counseling may help to reduce or eliminate them. If you are talking about experiences that happen while you are fully awake and NOT in bed, then you should tell your doc. They could be connected to anxiety or depression, or other things could be going on.

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It could be that you are becoming more in contact with the unphysical world, I would not go to the docter and try to get better at feeling shadows and sensing things that you cannot see. Stay ninja.


You are being visited by an evil demonic presence. There may be stress in your life that attracted it to you. They prey on vulnerable people,ones who, spiritually, are at a crossroads. Please have your house blessed. It always starts with a "visit" and escalates into much more violent episodes. Others in your household are also susceptible to seeing this, especially small children. Do not see a doctor (they may think you're crazy). See a priest. We find it so easy to believe in evil, but not good. No matter what we want to believe, if there is evil then there is a good to counteract it. Read Mark 1:21-25, 5:1-13.