What does it mean when you boyfriend says he was a break but still wants to hang out and still likes you?


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Well, if he wants a break but still wants to hang out, then maybe he wants to be friends. I know usually when someone says "lets just be friends" they don't mean it and you will never talk again, but maybe being in a relationship right now is to much for him. Just stay good friends and eventually he will come back to you.

Good luck!

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I think that you should give him some time. He still likes you, right?

still likes you has feelings for you wants to be with you again

If your boyfriend has told you that he wants to "break it off", typically it means that your boyfriend wants to end the romantic relationship that he has with you.

if she liked you that much would she still be with him. you need to ask her what she wants Honestly tho if she likes you and has a boyfriend she would do the same if u went out so be careful

well tell him you really like him and if he still does want to break try to make him jealous

Maybe he still likes you. Or if he broke-up with you maybe he realized that you are the one he wants.

if you break up with a boy and you know for sure that he likes you then he clearly wants to get back together if its not true sry not a love expert

he probably still likes you then and he wants to be your friend and then maybe he will talk to you about going out with you again.

If he wants a break, give a him a break. Break his friendship.

wait till she and her boyfriend break up and if she still says she wants to go out with you, go for it.

I would tell him that if he wants to be with you to stop talkin to her and that if he talks or hangs out with her he dont rele care about yall, and it will be over

There isn't much you can do if your boyfriend has made up his mind to break up with you, but he should at least tell you why he wants to break up. Sit down with him and ask him why.

When he no longer wants to be around you.

probably because he still has feelings for you or just wants to be friends. (:

It means he likes you, he wants to be with you, be your boyfriend, or it just means he wants to share your bed.

He still wants you and is sorry. Or he wants u to give him your sister, your friend or any girl that u know's number.

It means that he still likes you. He wants to go out with you again because he misses you. Or... he's a freak

He wants to impress you because he likes you.

Did he break up with you or did you break up with him? That's a really important factor.

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