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check egr valve

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Q: What does it mean when you car overheats at high speeds and when stopped rpms go up and down while in neutral?
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What do you do when your PlayStation 3 overheats?

Stop playing it for a while

What do you do if your iPhone overheats?

You should stop using it for a while until it cools down.

How do you switch to four wheel drive with a ford sport trac?

to switch to 4 wheel drive ona sport trac can be done while driving from 2wd to 4wd high at speeds not exceeding 80mph. to put in 4low you need to be stopped and the best bet is put your truck in neutral till it engages

Will a manual transmission engine stall while stopped in neutral?

it shouldnt, check or change all of the spark plugs, change the oil, and reset the idle

Why does your 1996 Toyota Camry shake and vibrate when the car is stopped in drive but not while the car is in neutral or in park?

rubber bushings in motor mount worn

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How do you get into 4 wheel drive?

While stopped, and in park or neutral, move the 4wd selector to the desired 4wd mode, put car in drive or 1st gear and drive.

How do you Get into neutral easy?

While you are still rolling down shift to neutral.

Why would your automatic transmission that has no other problems all of a sudden seem to shift into neutral at low speeds every once in a while?

Check the fluid level, if that's not it, have the fluid and filter changed.

What happens when a gran prix overheats?

My 2007 overheated and the engine shut down automatically - while I was driving

What causes a 1998 Mazda Millenia 2.5L to overheat and run rough while driving but at idle it overheats after a period of time but not when the blower fan is on high and the radiator fun is on?

The problem you seem to be having is the cooling temp sensor. It controls the fan speed which has two speeds. Try that.

How tire sensor resets on 07 dodge sprinter?

They "reset" while driving at highway speeds.They "reset" while driving at highway speeds.

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