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It means the credit bureau should have corrected the bad information or informed you that they believe the information is correct. Check your report to make sure. Credit bureaus are notorious for reporting inaccurately.

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Q: What does it mean when you check your credit dispute and it says the outcome is updated?
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Why to do a cibil score check?

To have a check on a cibil score periodically keeps you updated about your credit status. Its always good to know where you are standing financially. In case, if there are any discrepancies, you can raise a dispute there and then so that in future if you look out for a loan or a credit card your report is clear. You need to have a minimum score of 750 and if its above then you are a healthy customer for any lending institution. You can check your score for free by visiting freescoreindia website

Who should one contact in order to dispute credit reports?

To dispute your credit report, one should contact their credit card provider to account for any false charges. Check with the bank as well to make sure there are no outstanding payments to be made or missed payments.

How do you start a credit clearing house?

When clearing credit, the only ways to clear your credit is Bankruptcy through a District Judge. There are however many ways to improve your credit. By going to you can check your credit for in accuracys and dispute any information you feel is not accurate, or information that may pass the statue of limitations. The agency has 30 to 60 days to investigate and report your in accuracies. They will mail you a new credit report with all the disputed information updated.

How long does a dispute take on a credit report?

Yes a dispute can take 30 days. When I had a dispute on my credit file I signed up to Credit Repair who helped me challenge the negative item I noticed on my file and raised a dispute with the creditor who were not able to verify why it was negative so they informed the creditor that since they were not able to verify it they are required by law to stop reporting them. They did offer me a free 10-minute credit analysis when we started. Hope this helps check it out: yazing .com/deals/creditrepair/Respot

How long do you have to dispute a credit card charge for an airline ticket?

This depends on the credit card. Check the cardholder agreement that was sent to you with the card or call their customer service number, usually located on the back of your card.

If i don't have a bank or credit card how do i check my credit score?

You are always able to check your credit score using the myriad of services available even of you haven't had a bank account, credit card, auto loan, mortgage payment or personal loan. The credit score you get, however, will not be of much value in determining creditworthiness because very little in terms of information would be used to compute it. To be sure that you have the best credit score that you can get if you have no (or very few) credit transactions, take the following actions: * Review your credit reports at the free annual report site sponsored by the three credit bureaus * Review your address and employment history. If they are wrong, dispute them to be sure that they are correct * Review your credit history - if there is anything on there that is not yours, immediately dispute the credit line

If you paid a credit card in full and have the canceled check but it is still showing outstanding on your credit report how do you dispute it?

Call the credit company and tell them you are disputing. Get an address or fax number to send your copy of the canceled check and your paperwork. They should take it off for you. Remember to only send a copy of the check in case they try to say they never received it or they lose it. Keep the original for your records.

Can creditors call once the debt is no longer on your credit report?

No. If they are tell them that the debt is paid off, and ask for them to cease any future calls. You might want to check to see if your credit report is updated with this paid status.

How do you correct your credit report if you have paid off all your debts about 6 months ago but some are still marked as unpaid?

Dispute! Write a dispute letter to the CRA's. Then they have to investigate within 30 days. OR, join the 30 day credit check programs they have on line (I did)and then you can call them and instigate a dispute. It has to be one of the three, though(Equifax, Experian,Trans Union). The offshoots can't help you with personal credit problems. I'm speaking from personal experience. After the 30 days, cancel. Good luck!

What do you do if a company does not refund your money to your credit card within 30 days?

You have 60 days to file a dispute with the credit card company. Call the company who owes you money and tell them they have 48 hours to refund your money or you will do a "chargeback." Companies hate that word because it is like a bounced check, they get charged a $25 fee (varies from state to state). If they do not refund your money, call your credit card company and tell them you want to dispute a charge on your credit account.

What is Ryanair's company policy?

Check their website, as this is updated.

How can you check your credit in order to obtain a personal loan?

You can check your credit to obtain a personal loan by applying for a credit check online. In most cases, the loaning company you request from will provide the credit check for you.

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