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This may mean that your periods are slightly irregular, which is nothing to worry about unless you are trying to conceive.

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Q: What does it mean when you don't have your period for a month then it comes on the next month?
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What does it mean if your period skips a month?

If it comes the next month then, Call a doc If it doesn't then your pregnant

If you dont come on your period does it mean your pregante?

If you mean come, as in having an orgasm, then no, your not pregnant. Nor are you pregnant if you dont have a menstrual cycle one month.

What does it mean when your period comes two times?

It means that you had your period twice. You're supposed to menstruate around every month.

What does it mean if you have your period for a whole month?

period for more than a month means?

If your period comes on early does that mean that you are not pregnant?

if your period comes on early does that mean that you are not pregnant?

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I came on my period two times in the same month what does that mean?

my period came 2 time in the same month

When your underwear is wet from pee and your not doing it on purpose does that mean your getting your period?

No, your period is when blood comes out of your vagina for a few days each month (though it will be irregular at first) has nothing to do with urinating...

What does it mean to have a period for over a month?

It means your weird ....

What does an Off and on period mean?

An off and on period is when one month you have it then the next month (s) you don't that's all it means.

I ovulate every month but i didn't ovulate this month does that mean im pregnant?

no, did you get your period?

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