What does it mean when you dream about your dad killing you?

Nobody can interpret this better than you can yourself. If you are in danger - if you are being physically or sexually abused, YOU MUST TELL SOMEONE AND GET HELP. You deserve to be safe. You can tell one of your teachers, the school counselor or principal, a nurse or doctor, or your pastor, priest or rabbi.

Having said that, and if you are in a safe situation, the dream can mean different things. It depends very much on your age and your situation in life. You may feel that your parents, or someone else with authority over you such as you boss or spouse, is preventing you from doing or being what you feel you must do or be. If you are still living in your parents' home and not yet an adult, remember that everything will change as you mature. The situation you are in now is temporary, and soon you will be in control of your own life, and responsible for your own choices.