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It could be because he might be shy to ask them. You can ask your crush directly if they like you or not.

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How you tell your crush you like them?

Ask your friend to tell your crush that she heard a rumor that you like your crush. If your too shy to make your friend do this, ask your friend to say to your crush that she heard a rumor that your crush likes you. Then see what he/she says.

When a guy says he likes you as a friend what does he really mean?

He wants to go out with you! Or he likes you as a friend!!!

U like a guy his friend told you that his friend likes you you ask the guy he says its not true who do you believe?

the friend because most of the time when you asks if a boy if he likes you he says no unless he has a huge crush on you

What does it mean when a girl you have a crush on says Well I don't know because I think you are really canny but apart from that?

it means that she likes you but either is scared to admit it or just likes you as a friend.

If you like a guy and his friend says to you that he likes you and your crush says he swears to god he doesnt like you and he goes all red and laughs does it mean that he likes me?

even if you figure out that he likes you then, you still have to wait for him to ask you out...so don't worry about it until he asks you out...

How do you prove to your friend that her crush likes her?

Well, I was and still am having the same problem. My friend says my crush likes me back, but he often looks like he is flirting with this obnoxious girl in my grade. Whatever, that's my problem, not yours. If I was my friend, I would ask the person I am trying to prove to's crush if he likes her back. I would tell him to answer truthfully and it would be our secret, but I might tell my friend if he says yes. If he says no, move on. If he says yes, well... that's up to you what to do next. GOOD LUCK! :)

If your friend asks your crush if he likes you and he says not really she's more like my friend could he be lying that he likes you?

No. He likes you only as a friend. You can't MAKE somebody like you. Just be yourself, and love will find you.

What does it mean if a girl says she kinda likes you?

it probably means she has a crush on you :D

What does it mean when a girl that is your friend ignores you and says hi to your friend but not to you?

she's probably either mad at you, or she has a crush on you, or one of her friends has a crush on you.

How do you tell if your best friend likes your crush?

If he or she says something funny or cool that makes your crush laugh or interested and they keep going on with themselves.

What does it mean when a guy says likes you but says he doesn't also?

he probably means that he likes you as a friend, but doesn't as a girlfriend

What does it mean when a man says I have a crush on you?

Simple, he likes you. Maybe there's something about you that is unique or something that makes him smile. That's why when a guy tells you that he has crush on you, then he likes you.

What does it mean when a guy says i don't like you as a friend?

it mean he likes you more than a friend or he hates you

What does it mean when your crush says your cute?

When your crush says that you are cute, this means that your crush likes the way you look. It is important not to read too much into what a crush says because often we can over analyze a compliment until it has no meaning. Simply say thank you.

Your crush knows you like him since your friend told him and your crush's friend asks you if you like your crush and he says your crush asked him to ask you does your crush like you?

Okay, I think I followed this; yes, if your crush's friend is asking you if you like your crush. YOUR CRUSH IS DESPERATE! otherwise he/she would probably try to keep cool and find out themself. I think this means your crush likes you.

If a guys friend says his friends likes you and the guy that likes you gets all embrassed does that mean he likes you?

probably, it normally mean that the guy who likes you is too shy to tell you himself but has told his friend

What does it mean when she says you are like a friend?

That means she probably likes you, maybe as a friend or maybe more!

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