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Often the 'brown stuff" is what is termed as pre-menstrual shedding. It isn't uncommon. As long as your period comes along on schedule after this, it should be fine.

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Q: What does it mean when you get brown stuff instead of red before the week of your period?
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When you get your first period can there be brownish stuff instead of blood?

that happens before you get it! you only get it when it's just blood.

What is this brown stuff coming out of your vagina?

Your period

What is dark brown dischange?

its brown stuff comming out of the front from your period

How long should premenstrual shedding brown stuff last before your period?

Not usually more than a day.

When your on your period what is that brown stuff?

It's the old blood.

Why would you have brown stuff coming out of your vagina?

You may be at the start of your period, or on your period.

What is the brown stuff that comes out your vagina after your period?

It is called BLOOD

Brown stuff from vagina?

Its where you are either just finishing or starting your period.

What is the brown mucousy stuff that is supposed to be your period?

Old blood that sticks to the wall of the uterus.

When will you get your period after brown stuff?

The brown stuff is spotting, small amounts of blood mixing with discharge, the blood turns brown when it's come in contact with air or as a result of the blood taking some time to leave the body. You can spot for a lot of reasons including ovulation (which will occur two weeks before menstruation), hormonal changes, or it can occur before your period - sometimes that spotting can be your period, if your period is very light. Without knowing your cycles better there is no way of knowing what this spotting is caused by to know how it could relate to menstruation, so just make sure you're prepared for when your period does start.

If my girlfriend is 2 month past her period and has cramps and has brown stuff in her vagina is she pegnet?


What is the stuff that comes before your period?

Do you mean the white stuff? This is from the egg and it happens at ovulation, when the egg is released

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