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What does it mean when you have a bump inside your tongue?

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All bumps or lumps should be checked out by your doctor. If all is fine there then see your dentist as you could have a bit of a jagged edge to a tooth. Also, your dentist is the best form to find mouth cancer (I highly don't think you have that.) Sometimes the body can become acidic (especially people that eat lots of acidic fruits, spaghetti sauces, hot chili, etc., and also acidic juices such a Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice and apple juice. People that chew gum on a continue basis can irritate the tongue and it also can cause intestinal upsets because the flavor of the gum and chewing motion induces hunger triggers in the stomach (brain to stomach.) Simply put your PH level in your body is probably out of whack.

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What does it mean when a guy sticks his tongue out through the inside of his cheek so it looks like its a bump?

it means that he wants to put his peines in your mouth

Bump on tongue growing?

herpes of the tongue

Small white painful bump on the tongue?

inflamed taste bud?

Is it normal to have a bump inside your tongue after taking a tongue ring out?

Yes it is because of the way it grew back the same happens with nipple stud belive me I know

My boyfriend has a red bump on the bottom of his tongue what could it be?

The red bump on the bottom of your boyfriend's tongue could just be a sore that he got while trying to pierce his tongue.

Small red bump on side and top of tongue and feels swollen and burnt I recently had a tooth pulled?

small red bump on the tongue is the intimation or symptoms of tongue ulcer.

Can hpv cause a white bump on the tip of your tongue?

HPV is not likely to cause a white bump at the tip of your tongue. See your dentist if the bump persists for more than two weeks.

Do lies make a bump on you tongue grow?


Why is there a bump under your tongue?

The 'bump' is a part of your tongue, if you are referring to the stretch of skin underneath. If you are referring to something else then please see a medical professional.

Is it normal to have a bump inside your tongue after piercing tongue?

yes it is i was worried about that too, it takes a while for that to go away but eventually it becomes painless and will go away all together, also i had a white bump on the hole that eventually dried up and disappeared too. just keep it clean

Can salt cause tongue bump?

generally not possible

Is it normal to have a hard lump inside the tongue and a little bump on the top of the tongue after it has been pierced for almost four years?

You should go a professional and get it checked out and ask them if it is normal. If NOT go immiately to a doctor/hospital.

What does tonguing someone mean?

inserting your tongue inside a female's vagina ._.

What is the white bump on your tongue?

The small white bumps on your tongue are called papillae. These are what your taste buds are on.

What is a small white bump on the side of your tongue?

It could be an ulcer.

What does a swollen taste bud look like?

It is a small white bump on your tongue. it might start out as a red bump.

What is a bump on the side of your tongue and everytime you swallow or move your tongue it hurts?

A bump on the side of your tongue is something that should be looked at by a health professional. Would you really trust your health to an internet 'doctor' who hasn't done a true history and physical?

Small bump on the inside of my nose and it hurts to touch and it's been there for a couple days what does it mean?


What cause a White bump on tip of tongue?

The cause of the white bump on the tip of your tongue is, if your talking really fast you may accidentally bite your tongue and you may not notice it (I've done it plenty of times) and it's very annoying. Or if your eating and you bite your tongue, you may not be able to see it up close but it hurts! I call those lie bumps, Maybeh you should quit lying. Lol

What causes a white bump to appear on the tongue?

poss oral thrush?

What does use your tongue when you kiss mean?

it means that, when kissing, you put your tongue inside the other persons mouth. also called a French kiss.

What does it mean if a seventeen year old girl has a small bump on her tongue?

Could be a herpes canker sore (small white bumps, sore when pressed).

What does a bump on the inside of the chest mean?

It is nothing bad to worry about sorry but thats all ive been told

What does it mean when you have one red bump under the tip of your tongue?

Usually they're normal, but of they hurt really bad you should tell a doctor. One of my friends once had a red bump under their tounge, it got huge and she had to get it surgery on it..

Why do some cats have bumpy lips?

You mean that big lip inside the mouth, like the tongue?