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It could mean anything. You should have a doctor check it out as soon as possible. If it is a cancerous growth, then you will want it caught early.

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Q: What does it mean when you have a hard lump behind your ear?
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Hard lump behind your right ear but its behind your ear not on your ear its been there for about 2 months now hasn't grown and doesn't hurt its really hard like bone?

its a cyst.

What is a Lump on scalp behind ear?

what is the lump

HARD lump on left side of head behind ear?

Just wait for it to go away.

My daughter has a hard painful lump behind her right ear what could this possibly be?

My son also has a lump behind his ear but on the left. from what i can think it could be an infected lymph node, but the best thing to do would be to contact a doctor.

What is a hard pea size lump behind the ear that appears to be growing out of the bone andor skull?

A hard sized pea lump behind your ear that seems like it is growing out of your bone could be a cyst. It also could be a tumor. You need to get it looked at as soon as possible.

Movable lump behind ear?

A lump behind the ear may possibly be a swollen lymph node. It can also be a benign tumor, a cyst, or acne.

Hard lump between ear and jaw line hurts when touch swollen and red by the ear what could it be?

hard lump between jaw and ear what is it and how can it be cured?

Painless hard lump behind right ear causing severe headaches?

could be dying. go to doctor

What is the lump behind your ear?

It is a blister that is caused by an earring

What would be wrong if you have a hard lump on your ear near your top jawbone on the right side?

got a hard lump at the side of my right ear, what could this be.

What is the hard lump behind my left ear which I have had for 2 months?

For anybody to say what the lump is they would have to see the lump. Nobody here can comment on something they cannot see. So the best thing for you to do is go to a doctor.

What is a hard lump behind your left ear at the bottom?

This is both on the left and right ears These bumps are just bone, a part of your skull

Can a bad tooth cause a lump behind ear?

yes it causes a lump as big as a goose egg

Is a hard small lump behind the left ear anything serious or is it a swollen lymph node?

If it is hurting or really bothering you, you should see a doctor.

What does it mean to have a lump on the side of your head behind your ear?

There are some glands there that can swell. I suggest you go and see a qualified medical doctor.

How can you get rid of pain caused by a lump behind your right ear?

Go to the doctor and get the lump removed. If you have a painful lump behind your ear, you need to go and see a doctor about it. A lump that is not painful and not increasing in size isn't much to worry about. But one with pain could be serious. Do not ignore the pain. See a doctor.

Lump behind jaw bone below ear?

Might Be A Sign Of Tonsillitis.

What is the small lump on your neck behind your right ear?

That is your mastoid bone. Or at least it should be.

Would Trigeminal Neuralgia cause a hard lump to form in front of ear?


What is a lump behind babies left ear?

If that lump just showed up, it would seem to be something abnormal. Discuss this with your child's doctor.

What is a swollen sore lump behind my ear on my scalp?

um.. that might be a lump from a bug or a tick.. id get it checked out... um.. that might be a lump from a bug or a tick.. id get it checked out...

What does it mean when a child has hard lumps behind the ear and neck?

Infection. There are lymph nodes behind the ear and on the neck, and swelling -generally- means infection. See a doctor to find out what it is and get an antibiotic.

Small soft lump behind your ear and it hurts what can it be?

this is probably a cyst and should be looked at by a physician

What could explain a painful lump behind your right ear that causes severe headaches?


What is a soft lump behind your ear?

It may be lipoma or sebaceous cyst. The surgeon can tell you for sure.