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This has happened to me, that just mean your period is coming,your ovulation cycle is over and now comes mother nature

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Q: What does it mean when you have a pinkish brownish mucus discharge around the time you are ovulating if you had your period only 10 days ago?
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Is it possible to be spotting brown or bright red 5-6 days after conception?

yes its possible to have a pinkish or brownish spotting for a couple of hours to days around that time after conception,this is the implantation bleed

What causes you to have a clear discharge with a menstrual cycle?

if it's sticky and clear (egg white consistency) then you are most likely ovulating around this time during your cycle..

What is Vaginal discharge after the first week after childbirth?

During the first week after childbirth (or around 5 days) one would experience "lochia rubra" a bright red discharge, since it contains blood, obviously. That will pass and turn to lochia serosa, a brownish discharge, and eventually will end up to lochia alba, a whitish discharge.

Is it possible confuse implantation bleeding for an early period?

Yes, I had brownish/oragne/pink discharge around 4 days before my period was due..but period never came and found out that I was pregnant.

Can you get pregnant after having had appendicitis?

No, unless you had sex around the time you were ovulating.

How can you tell when you're ovulating?

if your period is regular, it is usually around the 14th day. you can buy tests at the store - in the pregnancy test aisle - that tell you whether you are ovulating or not. alternatively, if you notice you are excreting more mucus than usual, that is a good indication that you are ovulating.

Should you be concerned if you're in your 9th week of your first pregnancy and you had bleeding around week 7 and yesterday you had brownish-coloured discharge that changed to blood this morning?

I would be concerned, call your doctor right away, see blood call immediately

What is the cause and treatment of little reddish pinkish rash bumps that appear just around the stomach and spread to the back with itching?

what is the cause and treatment of little reddish pinkish rash bumps that appear just around the stomach and spread to the bac with itching?

How do you know when you are ovulating without taking an ovulation test?

A woman ovulates half-way through her cycle. For example, if your cycle is every 28 days (meaning if you start your period every 28 days), then two weeks (14 days) after you started your period would be when you are ovulating. If your cycle is 32 days, then you would be ovulating 16 days after you began your period. You may also experience mild cramping (sort of like the ending of your period) and a discharge with no odor, which is normal. Some women tend to have a higher and longer sex drive around the ovulating time. Try not to wear a pantyliner since it can increase the possibility of bacteria or yeast infections.

Can you ovulate but not have your period?

you start ovulating around 28 days before your first period, but otherwise no

When does ovulating occur?

If you take the number of days of your cycle and divide it by two you will get a general day for ovulation. So if your cycle is 28 days you would normally ovulate on day 14, but this could change each cycle. My cycles are between 24 and 28 days so I ovulate earlier around day 11. You will have a clear sticky discharge around the day you ovulate. Normally it is a lot of discharge. You can get a basil body thermometer and take your temp every day when you wake up. Read the instructions on the thermometer and it will tell you how tell when you ovulate if you do not have the discharge.

What does ovulating feel like?

It usually feels like a small pain or cramp in one side or another. Each woman is different and it can be more or less what I describe. If it is around day 14 of your cycle it usually is ovulating that is happening.

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