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Many women experience breast tenderness and cramping on their menstrual cycle, but if the pain is strong then you may be pregnant.

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Q: What does it mean when you have breast pain and cramping?
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What is the difference between cramping and period pain?

period pain is more lower than cramping and cramping is more pain when you are moving(motion)

Is cramping healthy in pregnancy?

no. any cramping or pain should be discussed with your doctor

What could pain in the right ovary and slight cramping for about 4-5 weeks mean? == ==

Can hip pain kidney pain and leg pain and cramping be symptoms of pregnancy?


What do the medical terminology combining forms mamm and mast mean?

Mamm- and mast- both mean breast. For instance, mastalgia means breast pain, and mammogram means record of the breast.

What can cause Sore breast and mild cramping?

pregnancy or time for your period....

Can a herniated disk in neck cause breast pain?

No. It can not cause breast pain. Breast is supplied by thoracic nerves.

Are leg Cramps pin like needle pain in stomach and frequent urination and lower back pain also excess of saliva and visible veins on Breast and other parts of the body sign of Pregnancy?

I have never heard of leg cramps or needle pain as a symptom but definitely frequent urination, lower back pain, excess saliva, breast tenderness, darker veins and cramping.

Does having stomach pain and breast pain mean pregnancy?

Well, stomach pain and breast pain are obviously two different areas., this should not determine pregnancy.. You would have other symptoms, such as breast tenderness and weight gain, nausea.. that is if you are pregnant. If your not then could be just time of the month and sometimes that causes stomach pain, which can be determined to be gastric pain.. Hope this helps..

Is it harmful to squeeze breast during breast pain?

There is no evidence that squeezing the breast is harmful, however that may increase the pain.

What type of breast pain is a sign that you might have breast cancer?

Breast Pain and CancerThere is no specific type of breast pain that is a sign that a patient might have breast cancer. Breast cancer does not typically cause breast pain.Virtually all the breast pains that women experience are caused by benign problems. Most of these are caused by fibrocystic breast and hormonal changes.However, you have to be careful when you hear people say that if you have breast pain then, you do not have breast cancer. This is because breast pain and breast cancer can coexist in the same breast, but they are not usually related. In other words one did not cause the other.So, the same woman with breast cancer can have breast pain, just like the same woman with breast cancer can have blue eyes or grey hairs.So, a woman with breast pain is not protected from breast cancer and should still be screened for breast cancer like any other woman.

Can bacterial vaginosis cause cramping?

Some women complain of pelvic cramping or pain with sex when they have BV. If you have cramping, contact your health care provider to find out if you need additional treatment or exam.

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