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Sounds like your period is trying to start. If you have had any changes in your life that have caused you stress that could be why it happening.

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If you have discharge does that mean you are due for your period?

No it means you have a infection.

Is the brown discharge mean that your next period is coming?

Brown discharge is spotting, light bleeding taking time to leave your body and mixing with discharge. Spotting can occur as your period starts, or it can be a result of many other things such as mid-cycle spotting around ovulation due to irregular hormones.

What does it mean if you had you had a normal period the month before and then the next month when it's due there is only a light brown vaginal discharge?

This could mean your pregnant or you have a UTI.

Does having a brown period instead of normal period mean you are pregnant?

Possibly, brown discharge is usually old blood and is usually not a bad thing but if you do not get your period or if it is due now you can get a home pregnancy test that will ease your mind and if you are still concerned you should see a doctor.

Is brown slimy discharge a sign of pregnancy?

Brown discharge is usually a indication of blood in the discharge. If you had sex around 8-14 days ago then this could be implantation bleeding. If your due a period in the next few days it could be pre-period discharge. If your itching and the discharge smell it is a yeast infection which you need some fungal cream for.

What does it mean when you have light bleeding cramping an light brown discharge?

These could be pregnancy symptoms. Wait until your period is due and take a home pregnancy test to confirm.

Brown discharge a week after your period?

Brown discharge is old blood mixing with your discharge, this can be common after menstruation. Blood turns brown when it's old, it can take time to leave your vagina thus the color and it mixes with discharge. If concerned it may be due to something more serious then see your doctor.

This morning you woke up with a brown discharge your period isn't due until another 4 days and you have been feeling nausea for 3 days what does this mean?

About a week before my period was due I started spotting brown, it was due to implantation bleeding. (I was on the pill at the time) Some women will spot brown blood (old blood) before or after there period, it is left over blood from the month before that didn't get released. If your period is late, then you should test.

What does it mean when you get brown discharge before your first period?

Brown discharge is known as spotting, it's caused when there is light bleeding which mixes with discharge and because the bleeding is so light it takes time to leave the vagina so thus becomes brown in colour. This can be a sign you're starting your period, but it can also happen due to hormonal imbalance while your body readies itself to start ovulating (and in turn start menstruating).

What would cause Cramping and light brown discharge 2 weeks before my period is due?

this could be implantation bleedin take a home pregnancy test when your period is due if it doesnt arrive

Does having discharge means your period is coming?

No, having discharge doesn't mean your period is coming.You start getting discharge as you enter puberty - your first period will start within four years of starting puberty, but just having discharge isn't an indicator of your period coming any time soon. During your menstrual cycles discharge changes due to hormonal changes so you may notice fertile cervical mucus or heavier discharge as a sign your period is on it's way but if you're new to menstruation it may be hard to spot these changes. You may get pink or brown discharge leading up to your period too, this is called spotting, but you may not always see this.

Brown period lasting two weeks why?

If you have a brown period that has lasted two weeks, this could be due to old blood. This might mean your period was late. Seeing a doctor is ideal.

Could you be pregnant if you had a miscarriage over four months ago and have had one period and you were due four days ago but are only getting brown discharge?

It is possible you are pregnant. As long as you have had a period since your miscarriage you know that your cycle is back on track. A brown discharge could be anything. Take a preg test and be sure.

Why are you experiencing brown discharge after your period and you just stopped taking the pill 1 month ago?

This can be due to a variety of reasons: * Implantation bleeding. * Left-over blood from your period. * Pregnancy. * UTI

I am not due for a period for another three weeks and have dark brown discharge in the middle of my cycle. this is not normal for me. what could this possibly be?

Yes, you are indeed dying!

I feel like I'm going to get my period but could i be pregnant as I'm due today and no period ... have had some brown discharge?

this mean tht you most likely are prego this same thing happened to me when i had my son......go take a home test or go to the doc

2 days before my period was due i had a dark brown discharge only once when i wiped after using bathroom then nothing more after thatat all.My period was due to start sept.19th I have not started yet?

hi I am not sure when you posted this but thought i would answer anyway. My period was due on the 8th September and like you three days before i had a brown discharge which i know now to be implantation bleeding. 5 days later i had a pos preg test . i sometimes get a pink discharge although this appears to be normal too. go get a test and hopefully you will get the result you want good luckx

Clumpy discharge then few days later bloody and brown discharge with some cramps but no itching swelling or odor and period isn't due for 2 weeks I'm on birth control is this a yeast infection?

No yeast infections smell and itch you are just having a simple period

After not taking you depo shot can you have some yellowish-brownish discharge?

Yes after the due date I had brown blood discharge.

What is brown discharge and no period?

Brown discharge, or pink discharge, is known as spotting. If your period is very light you may see a few days of spotting instead or you can see spotting leading up to menstruation. Otherwise spotting can be a result of hormonal imbalance causing mid-cycle spotting around the time you're due to ovulate. If it's a one-off nothing to worry about, but if it continues talk to your doctor.

Your period is due tomorrow but for 2 days you have had a light brownish discharge?

I have had brown vaginal discharge for 2 days now and my period is due tomorrow I haven't took any HPTs as I want to wait until tomorrow but could I possibly be pregnant of any one has had the same problem I would really much appreciate if yuh can help me in this suitiation. Thanks :-)

Can light spotting on the day period was due then brown discharge the next 2 days be a sign of pregnancy also having nausea and sore breasts?

Yes - take a test

Can you predict me when will i get my period?

If you mean your first period - no one can predict this. If you are showing signs of puberty (discharge, body hair, breast growth, etc.) then the most we can tell you is that you will get your first period within four years of starting puberty. Just before menstruation you may notice changes to your discharge such as stretchy wet clear discharge like egg-whites 2-3 weeks before your period changing to a thicker white lotion-like discharge leading up to your period - brown or pink discharge is normal just before menstruation. You may also notice things like cramps or acne. If you mean menstruation in general - the average menstrual cycle is 28 days, your cycles may be different to this so determine when your period is due based on how many days there are in your menstrual cycles (from day one of your period up until your next).

What does light pink discharge right after intercourse mean?

This can indicate pregnancy, it did for me. Take an early test a few days before your period is due to check.

Period 2 weeks late i bleed on 2 occasions over 2days and had a light brown discharge on 2nd and 3rd clear discharge.had unprotected sex 2 weeks b4 period due?

Unprotected sex 2 weeks b4 period mean ...... Congratulations, You are very pregnant. Maybe twins?