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what does it mean when my IGM is low at 28L

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Q: What does it mean when you have low levels of Immunoglobulin G Qn Serum?
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What does a low immunoglobulin A Qn Serum indicate?

The test that is ordered by Doctor to check protein levels. There are a number of other factors included in these test. Including checking for Celiac disease.

What do high immunoglobulin qn levels mean?

A high immunoglobulin QN level (quantative level) could mean a variety of things. This might mean that you have a problem with your immune system. It could also mean you have a low level of plasma cells, or high levels of red blood cells.

What causes low protein levels in the serum?

low amount of haemoglobin

Low serum iron is seen in?

Low iron levels can be seen in patients with anemia or chronic disease. Mostly people with chronic kidney disease will have low iron levels. Iron deficiency anemia is another condition with low iron levels. This can be treated with iron supplement. Fatigue and weakness is the most common symptoms people present when they have low serum iron levels.

When can you determine pregnancy?

Serum HCG levels are detctable at low levels as early as 7-9 days after ovulation.

Serum calcium levels may be used to test for abnormalities in which body system?

Serum calcium levels may be used to test for abnormalities in the kidneys. Low calcium levels can be an indication of a kidney disease. Likewise, thyroid and parathyroid diseases also are possible when there is an abnormal serum calcium level.

What does hyponatremia occur at?

Low serum sodium levels (hyponatremia ) are below 130 mM

What does it mean if you have low IgM serum?

If you have low IgM serum that means that your body is making low antibodies, and your body has a chance of contracting infections more easier.

Calcitonin targets the bones and causes the release of calcium from storage when serum levels are low?


How do you measure serotonin level?

Serum serotonin levels can be obtained (as ordered by a physician or nurse practitioner or physician assistant). However, serum serotonin levels do not possess much utililty since they vary widely - some people having low levels despite being on significant doses of setonergic medications, and other people have high levels despite being on very low doses.

What is a parathyroid hormone test?

a blood test performed to determine the serum levels of a hormone secreted by the parathyroid gland in response to low blood calcium levels.

What is hypocalcemia?

Hypocalcemia is a medical condition in which there are low serum calcium levels in the blood. It is most frequently caused by hyperparathyroidism.

What does potassium serum mean in a blood test?

low calor

How do albumin levels effect hospital patients?

Low albumin levels can increase the likelihood of post-surgery complications such as pneumonia, infection,. by as much as 50%. and low serum albumin were associated with inhospital death, infection, and length of stay

Is there protein in blood?

yes there is protein in the blood in the form of albumin serum. albumin serum is protein which can symbolise general health of a person. Low albumin levels indicate infections, malignancies, tumours. high albumin serum indicate dehydration

If your hormone levels have always been low how far along would you be before a hpt will come back positive?

It may not EVER come back positive. This doesn't mean that you aren't pregnant, only that most HPT's are preset to detect certain levels of hormones in the urine. If your hormone levels have always been low, it may take a serum HcG qualitative test to find out if you are pregnant.

When does Low serum potassium occur?

Low serum potassium (hypokalemia ) occurs when serum potassium falls below 3.0 mM

What do Low levels of serum cholesterol cause?

TC levels less than 160 mg/dL are associated with higher mortality rates from cancer, liver disease, respiratory disorders, and injuries

How does psyllium lower serum cholesterol levels?

a daily intake of 10.2 grams of psyllium seed husk, combined with a diet low in saturated fats, consistently lowered blood cholesterol levels.

What does it mean when your AST levels are low?

Low AST levels are usually due to Vitamin B6 deficiencies

Is hypocalcemia dangerous?

Yes, hypocalcaemia can be dangerous if your serum levels are extremely low. If a person is diagnosed with this, they will be given intravenous medications and other oral drugs.

What do Low copper levels mean?

If a person has low copper levels it could mean the person has anemia. Some symptoms could be low body temperature and energy level.

What is the hormone whose production in inadequate amounts results in tetany?

Tetany is caused chiefly by low serum calcium levels. The parathyroid (which produces parathyroid hormone or PTH) is responsible for regulating calcium levels in the blood.

Why low serum iron and iron saturation but normal hemoglobin and hematocrit?

waht is the sideeffects of low iron serum....

What does it mean if your glucose is low?

i believe it means ur blood sugar levels are low.

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