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the brownish color is just less blood flow and the pinkish is the sane it could be a very light flow.

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Q: What does it mean when you have pink to brownish spotting for a week?
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Normal period in August then over a week of brownish discharge or spotting- and now waiting for my period really nervous- what does it mean?

Thats a pregnancy sign spotting is

What does it mean if you've had brownish spotting for a week and haven't started your period yet and there are also very little signs of PMS?

Time to take a pregnancy test.

What if some brownish stuff comes out of your virgina a week after your period?

This brownish stuff is known as spotting, and it's perfectly normal. Spotting is just small amounts of blood that mix with discharge, this is normal before and after menstruation as the bleeding starts or as it ends.

What does it mean if you are spotting red blood approximately one week before your period is due?

IF THE BLOOD is brownish colour then im guessing its just old blood. not sure though.

Have been spotting brownish blood for the 2nd- 3rd week on and off after conception and today you had light red blood. Does this mean i should worry?

Unless it gets real heavey I wouldn't worry

Your period was a week a late but then last night you started spotting brownish and pink and now you are bleeding very light when you go to the bathroom could you be pregnant?

well you could. but when you are pregnant, you skip a whole month so I'm not to sure sorry

Brownish spotting during ninth week of pregnancy?

It may be fine. I had this around my 9th week and now have a happy, healthy two-year-old boy. SEE A DOCTOR to be sure!

What does it mean when you are a week late and spotting?

That you could be pregnant. Take a test

What does it mean when you have spotting a week after sex?

You are not pregnant just move on with ur life.

What does it mean when you are a week late and spotting brown discharge?

time to visit the doctor

You have been spotting brownish blood for the 2nd 3rd week on and off after conception and today you had light red blood Am you going to Miscarry?

only if the bleeding continues to getr heavier

I am on the pill and had my period a week ago I now have a brownish colored discharge in which I have been sexually active this past week what could this mean?

it could mean anthing and could just be normal spotting which happens to everyone once in a while, your pill could be affecting this to, if you were acctive, it could be implanain bleeding which occurs about 5 days after possible conception though it is often mistaken for a period it is not you can define it by it will probably be shorter and lighter and a piny or a brownish colour

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