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This is one of those questions where you really need to see a doctor for the answer. Sharp pains ANYWHERE on your body are not good sign. And no one is going to be able to diagnose you with just one symptom, such as sharp pain. If you're looking for someone to say that sharp pains in your breasts are normal, or if you're looking for someone to say that sharp pains definitely mean one thing or the other for sure, no one on here can do that for you. ~ T

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Q: What does it mean when you have sharp pains in your breasts?
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Tender breast and sharp pains in stomach?

Tender breasts and sharp pains in the stomach can be PMS or cysts.

Can you have growing pains in your breasts?

Yes, there will be tenderness and some sharp pains. Those are very normal.

Tender breast and sharp pains in stomach while on period?

Tender breasts and sharp pains are part of pre-menstrual syndrome. It can happen before and during your period.

What does it mean when you get sharp pains when you wee?

you probs have an STD

Do you get sharp pains when your pregnant?

Yes you will get sharp pains when you are pregnant.

There have been somewhat sharp pains in the breasts it's been said that this usually comes before your period however there has never been this pain before now; should there be concern of pregnancy?

Personally I haven't heard of sharp pains in your beasts being a sign of a period. Tender breasts are signs of periods or pregnancy or even hormonal changes. It is possible it could be pregnancy related or you may have fibrostic breasts which can cause breast discomfort and pain.

You have sharp pains in you stomach?

Sharp abdominal pains can be caused by a number things. If the pains persist, see a doctor immediately.

What does it mean to have really sharp rib pains and horrible stomach pains?

Really sharp rib pains and horrible stomach pains can indicate a number of problems. You should see a health care professional if you experience these symptoms. Possible conditions include gas, IBS, ulcers, and more.

What does it mean when you have sharp pains in your stomach?

If you have sharp pains underneath your stomach or in any other sort near the stomach you might have exercised a lot or sprained yourself. Don't worry it is nothing serious. thanks.

When you have sharp pains when you try to poop at the end of your pregnancy what does that mean?

Where are the sharp pains? It is possibly mild constipation, so try increasing your fluid intake. Make sure you are getting 2 litres of water a day

What do sharp pains in the foot mean?

You probably either stepped on something or twisted your foot.

How soon will you feel sharp pains if you're pregnant?

Pregnancy does not cause any sharp pains. Labor do later on.

What causes sharp shooting pains accompanied by coughing and dizzyness?

Sharp shooting pains where? More data please.

Sharp pains left side of body?

what should we be concerned about with sharp shooting pains on the left side of your body

Sharp pain in one of your breasts Help?

I'm 16 also 17 and lately i have been getting very sharp pains in one of my breasts. It comes on randomly and it's searing pain. It hurts so much that i curl in a little ball and cry. What do you think could be wrong? Should i go to the doctors about it?

What does it mean if you get sharp pains in your foot?

You either shad to step on something sharp and cut maybe inside or you could have just pulled a muscle

Are sharp pains in stomach common in early pregnancy?

no because I've got sharp pains but I'm only 10

If you have Sharp pains in lower right abdomen when you urinate what does this mean?

It means: You need to see a doctor....

What does it mean when you have sharp pains near your ovaries?

It is probably because you are ovulating (releasing an egg) which often causes sharp pains. However, if it is really painful (so painful that you can barely walk) you could have a cyst, which needs medical attention

What does it mean to have sharp pains in your stomach while you're in your first month of pregnancy?

It is the ligaments and uterus stretching and growing. Very normal...kinda like period pains

What causes back pains and sharp pains in the stomach?

your pregnant. Hello, Does not mean your pregnant, could be a number of things. Go to the doctor and good luck.

What does it mean when you get sharp shooting pains in your feet?

it's just your foot falling asleep, personally i like it.

Is frequent urination and sharp stomach pains a sign of pregnancy?

No It's a sign of pms. You don't get sharp pains in the stomach during pregnancy.

Are you pregnant if you're having sharp side and stomach pains and burning breasts?

this would be hard to say if you are pregnant or due to start your period. as these are often signs of both. however if you are pregnant the stomach pains should not cause you to much discomfort and you should contact your doctor.

What causes sharp jabbing pains in the right side of neck?

Most likely cause of sharp "jabbing" pains in the side of the neck are muscle spasms...

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