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What does it mean when you have sharp pains on the lower right side of your upper torso?

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Could mean almost anything! If it carries on more than a day or so, or is so painful it is incapacitating, see a doctor.

2006-07-18 14:55:11
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What does it mean if your having sharp pains on your right side of your torso?

Sharp pains in the right side of a torso are hard to diagnose unless there are other accompanying symptoms. It could be many things, or it could be harmless. There could be an infection of sorts in your kidney, it could be fibromyalgia, anything, really. But, unless it's been happening for quite, the pain is debilitating, a while or worse symptoms have occurred, it probably isn't something to worry about. See a doctor if it persists or if any of the above are true.

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