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What does it mean when you have two periods in one month?


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September 20, 2012 4:59PM

Sometimes having 2 periods in one month is OK. If its because your cycle length was shortened It will usually happen in times of hormonal change such as high stress. I would not read to much into it unless it it happening all the time. Remember that a normal cycle is about 21 days and in the few months with 30 or more days it is very possible that you will get a second period that month. It has happened to me every now and then I'll get my period at the beginning of the month and lucky me by the end of the month I'm starting again! If your cycle is getting shorter and shorter I would talk to your doctor because they will know better than anyone what's going on in your body :) hang in there I know 2 periods in the same month sucks!! I hope this helped!! :)