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Probably nothing, but could be a sign of infection. If the blood clots have a white center, you may have miscarried. If you miscarried though it would be very painful and you'd fill more then 2 super maxi pads in 2 hours. My period has blood clots all the time and I am healthy- my gyn said that's normal.

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Should your menstrual Blood clots have white on it?


Why are you having watery blood with blood clots?

Watery blood with blood clots can be a sign of miscarriage. You can also have an unusual menstrual cycle. If you have watery blood with blood clots you need to go to a doctor.

Can blood clot past out through your period?

Yes, blood clots can pass in menstrual flow. Menstrual blood doesn't clot like normal blood so you won't pass many clots, a lot of what you might see as clots is actually uterine lining that has been shed or cervical mucus that has mixed with blood. Actual blood clots are actually very uncommon.

Is it normal to get blood clots during implantation bleeding?

No. Usually implantation bleeding is a bright red to brown drops of blood. No clots.

Does aspirin thin out your menstrual blood?

Aspirin is a "blood thinner" and can increase the amount of menstrual bleeding. It doesn't break down clots already formed.

What is the jelly stuf when you get your period?

You are seeing blood clots and this a very normal occurrence during your menstrual cycle. You may experience a lot of them or very little blood clots.

Can a menstrual clots rupture hymen?

No, menstrual clots can't rupture the hymen. Menstrual blood doesn't clot like normal blood, the larger pieces you see in menstrual flow is uterine lining. The hymen is tissue that surrounds the vaginal opening, the uterine tissue isn't even big enough to stretch the hymen let alone cause it to rupture.

Why does clotting occur during menstrual cycle?

Because it´s fresh blood and blod clots.

What is the clots you have during a menstrual cycle?

Menstruation is the shedding of the uterine lining, the 'clots' you see are just larger pieces of the uterine lining. Menstrual flow doesn't clot like normal blood, if it did it'd prevent menstruation.

Is it normal to have small clots of blood in menstrual flow?

Yes, it's very normal. Don't worry

Are clots in your menstrual cycle OK?

What you think are clots are likely just larger pieces of the uterine lining or cervical mucus mixing with blood - this is completely normal to see, the uterine lining is the main waste product of menstruation. Menstrual blood doesn't clot like normal blood, if it did it'd be detrimental to the whole process.

What are the menstrual problem?

Well I have been seeing my period for the past three months with blood clots and I don't understand

Why menstrual blood is not clotted?

Menstrual blood doesn't clot like other blood because if it did it would be detrimental to the whole process of the uterine lining shedding. The 'clots' people talk about in menstrual flow are normally larger chunks of the uterine lining, normal during heavier flow days.

Is a bright red blood clot a sign of a miscarriage?

Yes If you are pregnant and are passing blood clots, go to an emergency room immediately.

Watery period blood?

It is normal for menstrual flow to be watery and also normal for it to contain clots. Consult your physician if your menstrual bleeding lasts more than eight days.

What does it mean if you have dark red thick blood clots on your period?

It's unlikely that what you are seeing are blood clots as menstrual blood doesn't clot like normal blood. What you're seeing is likely the larger pieces of the uterine lining, which is the main waste product during menstruation.

Is it normal to bleed bright red with blood clots the day after having your IUD removed?

Yes, it can be normal to bleed bright red with clots after having your IUD removed. Was your period due? The bleeding is not a sign of a medical problem.

Are there multiple blood clots in a miscarriage?

Yes. Accomponied by heavy bleeding and menstrual like cramps. Go to an emergency room

Is blood clots normal after coming off depo provera?

if you are talking about menstrual blood then yes. They aren't clots thought, they are the lining of your uterus, which is perfectly normal. If they get too heavy, you might consider a trip to the doctor just to check it out.

What does menstrual blood clotting mean?

Menstrual blood doesn't clot like normal blood, if ti did then it'd be detrimental to the whole process of menstruation. What people normally think are clots are actually larger pieces of the uterus lining that is shed, or blood mixing with cervical mucus.

What is it when you pass large clots when your on your period?

What you are seeing as clots are probably not clots at all, after all menstrual blood doesn't clot like normal blood as if it did it would be detrimental to the whole process - you're likely seeing either blood mixing with cervical mucus, or larger pieces of uterus lining (you can tell which by pressing on them, if they don't break apart they are more likely to be lining). This is normal during the heavier points in your cycle, it's just normal menstrual flow.

Blood clots during your period?

blood clots doing my period

What does it mean if your period blood is bright red in colour and had little blood clots?

You are probably normal - blood becomes dull in color when it becomes deoxygenated, so bright blood simply means it has more oxygen in it. The little blood clots are also probably normal - your blood can clot any time after it is pushed out of the capillaries, and menstrual blood can get caught up in the tissue being shed and look clotted even when it isn't. If you are really concerned, you can ask your OB/GYN or general practitioner (doctor). While this is a somewhat personal question that may be a bit embarrassing to you, your doctor has heard questions like this before and isn't going to be bothered - you'll get a good answer from him/her.

Why blood clots do not form in a blood donation?

They do not form in a blood donation because blood clots are out of our anotomy

Y do we get blood clots in our blood?

People get blood clots for different reasons. The most common reason why people get blood clots is because there blood is to thick and cannot function right.

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