What does it mean when you lick your lips after you kiss someone?

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Can you catch HIV by kissing someone on the lips?

What you have to remember is that the HIV virus is spread via bodily fluids. Kissing that does not involve exchange of fluids is not risky (closed mouth or "social" kissing). Kissing that involves the exchange of fluids, on the other hand, poses a small risk if one of the individuals involved has HI ( Full Answer )

Is is ok to kiss someone on the lips?

Answer . Answer That's where most people kiss each other, I don't see why you would question it.. _______________________________________________________________________. Kissing some one on the lips depends on who the person is.. There are many reasons why people would find such an act to b ( Full Answer )

Licks his lips after a kiss?

Its probably because his lips are wet after kissing or he likes the taste for some reason.

What does a kiss on the lips mean?

A kiss on the lips means I love you. A kiss on the hand means I adore you. A kiss on the forehead means I respect you. But kissing on the lips for a bit too long means I want to make love with you. :) This answer can vary, however in my opinion I believe that a kiss on the lips is a way of showing ( Full Answer )

How to kiss someone on the lips?

Kissing is very easy and can be very fun. You just need to puckeryour lips as you touch the lips of the other person.

Is kissing someone not on the lips cheating?

It depends on the intent of the kiss, on what lies on the heart of the one who is doing the kissing. yea... i think so.... B: Wow, if your married and you are kissing someone, lips or cheek it is. And if you ask a man if what you did is cheating I think he will tell you that it's not. But t ( Full Answer )

How do you kiss someone on the lips?

WHAT IS YOUR AGE. I say 10-about 13 should be TONGUELESS. Even 14 and 15 if you can help it. Oh and try to prevent "make-out sessions" if you're 1-15. Quick kisses are just as romantic and have less risks if you know what I mean...

When a guy kiss a girl on the lips means what?

ANSWER: Well this all depends why he kiss her. For some giving affection to someone has a lot of different meaning. It could be that he was happy for something that without thinking he kiss this girl. We all can't just give meaning to everything that we do. I'll give you an example, I have a very ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when you boyfriend kisses you on the lips?

It means he is physically attracted to you and (probably) that he likes you. A kiss on the lips is an indication that he wants a physical relationship with you. How far the physical contact goes is up to you.

What is licking out someone mean?

Licking, or "giving a licking" means whipping, beating, or spanking. It's a slang term, not a literal description of licking with your tongue.

Can you kiss someone with a cut lip?

Of course you can no harm done unless that person is sick (shouldn't be kissing when your sick anyways) so your perfectly fine!

What does it mean if someone looks at your lips?

Well mit depends on who it is. If it is your girl/boy friend chances are that they want to kiss you,however, if it is not it is most likely nothing to worry/think about.

If a boy licks his lips and lean next to your face what does that mean?

He could be teasing you, or maybe he just likes talking really close with people...and licking his lips. If he does it again (and only if you like him) shift a tiny bit closer casually, but don't actually kiss him. If he likes you he might smile a little or even actually kiss you if he's brave.

What does kiss on lips mean?

Kiss on the lips means when a boy or a girl wraps their lips around another persons lips. Try it with your boyfriend!

Should you lick your lips before kissing?

well it depends on th e type of girl she is and it also depends on you if you think you should lick your lips before kissing you should do it tell her i said hi jk dont then stalker on the lose

What does a kiss o the lips mean?

It means that your in love! But if you get a kiss from some guy in your class, and it's unexpected......it means they are crazy about you or they have real feelings for you.

Is it cheating if someone kisses you on the lips?

ANSWER: Yes it is no matter how you look at it, especially if this person is married. You can't even say that this person is your friend, because friends do not kiss each other let along kissing on the lips. Have you heard or even read the bible concerning a married man kissing another woman is alr ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when someone has a 'cat lip'?

Cat lip or the Harelip is a disease called Cleft lip ( cheiloschisis ) or cleft palate ( palatoschisis ). However they can occur together as Cleft lip and palate.

What does it mean when a guy bites your lip when kissing?

He may have a certain disorder that causes a complex in which he finds blood attractive. He may be biting your lip to elicit bleeding -- the epithelial tissue is the most sensitive and most easily disturbed, causing bleeding to occur. You may want to protect yourself from antigens that may or may no ( Full Answer )