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That means that you lost fat and gained muscle which is a good thing. Muscle weighs more than fat so keep up the good work and buy new clothes. well it doesn`t always mean that it could meana that you are gettting bigger hips developing breast and larger hips it doesn`t mean you`re fat at all

well now you know also if you want to know about your period go to

does having my period hurt?

and look up that same topic THANKS

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How can you make your butt bigger easy?

Bigger as in tighter or fat? You know how to make it fat but to get it bigger and tighter the best way is to either run or do upper leg exercises

Why branded clothes are expensive?

because they are better quality and are part of a bigger company,also their clothes are sexeir

Do bigger women have tighter vaginas?

YES ... there wight compresses in and down on there vagina ...

What is a bigger word for ocean?

a bigger word for ocean is your screams because their heard all around the world

Which is bigger - track or football?

Normally a track is bigger because it goes around a football feild.

How does weather affect clothes?

Weather affects clothes by the humidity. When there are huge amount of moisture in the air, it is possible that the clothes will get bigger or longer.

What clothes do 13 year old boys find hot on girls?

Skirts are what you should be shooting for here. Also pretty much anything revealing or that makes your boobs look bigger are hot on girls. HEHEHEHEHE low cut shirts and tighter jeans... just sayin

Why is leather so sexy?

Leather is considered to be sexy because it is tight and therefore makes your body look slimmer and sexier. Especially with men because leather trousers are tight and make their penis look bigger and tighter. With women's leather jackets, it makes their boobs look bigger and they feel more grown up and sexy.

How long will it take for your butt to get bigger if you do fifty squats per day?

Should not really get bigger but rather tighter and rounder. Also try the 8 minute buns video. Good moves.

If your bra band size is tighter does that make cup size bigger or smaller?

Your cup size - is the difference between the measurement around the chest just under the breasts - and the measurement around the fullest part of the breast. If you're not sure - seek advice from a professional... such as a lingerie retailer.

Boojho wants to know why caterpillars need to shed their skin when they grow bigger but we humans do not?

because as all caterpillers grows bigger their skin gets tighter so they shed just like snakes, lizards,and all other amphibians but us humans we only shed on our pams and feet because every where else our skin grows with are body.

Is the improved modified choke a bigger shot spread than improved cylinder choke?

No. Improved Modified is a tighter pattern than improved cylinder.

Why men's heart are bigger than women?

A man's heart is bigger in size because it needs to pump more blood around a man's body; men in general are bigger and exercise more.

Do males have bigger feet than females?

Yes they do , because they have bigger feet. Thus, they have bigger feet because they have bigger feet.

How does the witch find out Rapunzel is pregnant?

Traditional story Rapunzel is complaining that her clothes are getting to tight around the middle.

Is a 30b bigger than a 32a in bra sizes?

30b and 32a are the same size for the cups but different bands 30b has a tighter band than 32a

Is imvu better than meez?

meez is because its been around longer and has a bigger fan base.

Which army is bigger China or US?

China because they have around 1 million soldiers and usa have about 500,000

Why are owls eye bigger than a cardinals?

they need to see better because they hop around in the dark??

Moshi monsters how do you change clothes?

You go to your closet on the map and enter and drag the clothes onto your monster. You can make the clothes bigger or smaller, tilt them, and place them in front or behind your monster

What clothing did the kid Comanche wear?

from age 1 to 8 they do not were clothes then they ware bigger they ware buckskin clothes made from Buffalo fur

Where can you get a bikini that fits bra size 30 HH in the UK?

Have you tried simply be? They make clothes for bigger boobs and women who are bigger in general.

Is a trumpet bigger hen a cornet?

A trumpet is a little longer than a cornet. They both have the same length of tubing, but cornets are wrapped a little tighter than trumpets.

How do you prevent speed wobble?

Longer boards, bigger wheels. On a standard street skateboard setup, i couldn't say for sure. I do believe tighter trucks help though.

Will your penis get bigger if you get skinnier?

It will not grow any bigger because of weight loss but it may look bigger because of less weight !

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