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What does it mean when you miss your period but took a pregnancy test that said negative?


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You may just be having iregular periods i THINK but im not sure.


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When you miss your period and a home pregnancy shows up negative

The at-home pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate. Consult your gynecologist.

no u can not take a pregnancy test before a miss period it should be after a missed period

If you took a home-pregnancy test, check the box to see if it has expired. Also, see your doctor and take a pregnancy test so that he can tell you if you are or are not pregnant.

These are pregnancy symptoms. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period. They can also be signs that your period is coming

just because you miss your period, it doesn't mean you're pregnant. it's normal to miss one period or even two. the best thing to do is to go to a clinic to get a sensitive pregnancy test.

After you miss your period.

When you miss a period and take a pregnancy test.

Sore nipples can be a sign of pregnancy, or if you're due for a period, your nipples with get sore about a week before your period, if you miss your period, take a pregnancy test.

If it's possible you could be pregnant than take a pregnancy test because it could be pregnancy. If the test is negative or there's not a chance of pregnancy then it's probably just a late/missing period and nothing to worry about, but if you also miss your next period you should talk to a doctor

Yes, it could be a pregnancy symptom. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your next period

This may mean that you period is irregular which you should go to your doctor and it may be a smart idea to take a pregnancy testy

Your body isn't clockwork perfect, and there are several reasons other than pregnancies to miss a period.

No. The symptoms of pregnancy are a missed period and positive pregnancy test.

when should u take a pregnancy test, if you miss a period

Misisng a period with a hormonal IUD, like Skyla or Mirena, is not worrisome. Missing a period with the copper IUD could be a sign of pregnancy and you should take a pregnancy test.

If you are on your period there is generally no reason for a pregnancy test as this indicates that you are NOT pregnant. You should take a pregnancy test if you MISS a period.

not neccesarily ========================== If you miss your period you may or may not be pregnant. Get a home pregnancy test at the drugstore.

When you have unprotected sex and then miss a period When you have unprotected sex and then miss a period

If you have missed one period, and the pregnancy test said negative, the 'symptoms' of pregnancy may be mostly psychological. It is possible to miss a period, or to have a late one. Wait another week, try another pregnancy test, and ensure you understand the directions fully. A missed period does not guarantee a pregnancy, but an over the counter pregnancy test does not guarantee the correct answer. Stay calm, wait, and check again. You have lots of time and you have options regardless of whether you're pregnant or not.

You can get a negative test if you test too early. I'd wait until after you miss your period to test. You can also get a false negative if the test was done incorrectly.

This question makes no sense, you either miss your period or you don't - you can't miss your period early. If you're worried about pregnancy then a pregnancy test can be taken from two weeks after you last had sex.

You could be. Go to the doctor and ask them to do a test because it is more reliable

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