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It could mean you are about to start your period or you may have a bladder infection. I had this happen before when I had a bladder infection... If you're pregnant it could be the onset of a miscarriage

2006-01-28 02:54:24
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Why is your period pink but looks red?

This question makes no sense at all. If your period was pink then it'd look pink, if it looks red then it's red. Both are normal colours during menstruation as menstrual flow is largely blood, which is red.

What mean when have pink then brown discharge?

um i think its normal

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What does it mean when your urine comes out clear but when you wipe its pinkish?

If your urine is clear but the toilet paper is pink, you probably have some spotting from the vagina.

What does it mean when your urine leaves a pink ring in the toilet?

It means that you need to flush (or scrub the toilet) more often. You may also have sugars or proteins in your urine. This should be checked at your yearly physical with your doctor.

I have the flu and I am due to start my period. I went to the toilet and noticed very light pink spotting but no period is this normal?

It is normal. Flu can make you skip a period or make it late. There might be a possibility that you are pregnant as well?

What does it mean when you pee and toilet paper is slightly pink Could that be a sign of pregnancy?

yes, to avoid this, pee in your bed every 10 hours

What does it mean when your are spotting pink before your period?

somehow i think this can be normal. but ive never spotted pink before my period. there is a possibility that this could be an infection.

My urine is normal but when I wipe the toilet paper has a slight pink color to it. Is this normal?

It May Be That You Are Begining To Have Periods. But On That Case It Depends On If You Are Old Enough or If You Already Had Started. Check on It Again another day to see if it is still pink then if it is go to a doctor. i think someone fingered you. Go to a doctor and check for an infections

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I am constanly going to the toilet and when i have been to the toilet my bladder is busting and my water is pink and when i wipe myself there is blood?

that's a period

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When you went to the toilet today it started to burn slightly but then you wiped and saw a little bit of pinky mucus on the toilet paper what does it mean?

As it was burning slightly and you noticed pink discharge, this usually indicates a water infection. See your Doctor for antibiotics.

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