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When you are petting your guinea pig, and it makes a noise, that's called purring (like cats but a lower volume) and then their body vibrates, that means it's content with however you are petting them.

I have a guinea pig named Chelsea (just got her today) and she does this every time I hold her. It's adorable!

It is like purring which is actually a strong vibration of their heart because it beats faster than ours does.

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Q: What does it mean when you pet your guinea pigs and they make a noise and their whole body vibrates?
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What does it mean when your guinea pig makes a noise and her body vibrates?

It means that she is uncomfortable and does not like what ever is happening.

How many bones dose a guinea pig have?

Guinea Pigs have 206 bones in their WHOLE BODY!!

Why do guinea pigs shake their whole body?

They are scared or cold.

What does it mean when a guinea pig makes a pop noise?

That doesn't sound good, was it a sound that was produced from the mouth or body?

What does it mean when your guinea pig's body vibrates when you are petting it?

it means that he is happyAnswerMy daughter's guinea pig vibrates when it hears a female's voice...when my husband talks to him, he doesn't vibrate, but when I talk or my daughter talks to him, he vibrates while we are speaking! We think it's because he's happy and feels comfortable around girls! It means they are purring, Not that they are angry! my guinea pig doesn it everytime i take her out, she nuzzles me, purrs, and loves when i give her kisses! its a good thingAnswerMy guinea pig does that and she loves her butt being rubbed AnswerIt means they are happy! One of my guineas is a real lover and will do it constantly while I pet herLOVE :-D

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The bow makes the string vibrate. The vibrations are transferred through the bridge to the instrument top. Vibrations are transferred from the top to the back side through a sound post. So, pretty much the whole body vibrates.

In cello what vibrates when you play it?

The strings, the body

How much bacteria in a guinea pigs mouth?

There is about a total of 3 and 1/2 pounds of bacteria in a guinea pigs whole body. Just 1/2 of that is its mouth

When part of your body vibrates when you speak?

your vocal cords

Do guinea pigs make croaking and chirping sounds?

Yes! Guinea pigs have a whole plethora of vocal noises. Some are slightly more obvious than others and can have a reason for them. Squeaking is most often about excitement, for example the anticipation of getting a tasty food treat. If they make a low chirping noise often referred to as a purr it can mean that they feel threatened or frightened. Very much depends on their body language as well as the noise, if you are trying to establish why they are making that sound.

What vibrates on a guitar?

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What part of your body vibrates when you produce sound?

Your vocal cords

How many bones does a guinea pig have in its body?

a guinea pig has 206 bones in its body.

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Your vocal cords vibrate when you talk

Why do guinea pigs grumble?

It could be related to: - response to being scared or angry, in which case the rumble often sounds higher and the body vibrates shortly - dominance within a group if you have more than one guinea pig - petting in the wrong spots (for instance, on your pet's underside) Please check the provided link for comparing the sound you refer to to the sound database of the Guinea Pig Manual.

Where in the body vibrates and makes sound when air is passing over it?

it called your windpipe

Which part of the human body vibrates to produce sound when you talk?

your vocal cords

What sounds does a guinea pig make and what do they mean?

my guinea pigs used to make two main types of noise, one a sort of chirrup when his whole body would sort of shudder with the sounds, that one seemed most when he was happy ie saton my knee eating some sweetcorn or something. and a sort of higher pitched whistling which seemed to be his sort of way saying hello, when we walked near his cage he would make that noise and run over to us. also my guinea pig makes little grunt noises. That means she is Hungary because when i gave her more food she stopped and ate, she was alot happy after that!!

If a guinea pig squeaks does it mean its happy?

well, since guinea pigs can only make one noise, which is a squeak, then it ca go both ways, but generally a guinea pig only squeaks when it is frightened or scared, but it is different with all guinea pigs, as it is with humans. Howvever, it is also heavily dependant on the body language. (eg whether it is tryong to run away, whether it is wide eyed.)

How many bones are their in a guinea pigs body?

There are 206 bones in a guinea pig.

What is the body temperature of guinea fowl?

41.8 degrees is of a healthy guinea fowl.

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Body Parts of a guinea pig?

they have 200 body parts