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A Girl's Point of View:

She could be embarrassed. The odds are the girl worked for at least 15 minutes on her hair and she was looking for a comment but she wouldn't be sure what to do if she actually got one. She's flattered but doesn't know what to say, so the easiest way for a girl to do is just to leave. Girls are complicated and difficult but they have hearts of gold and are all amazing in their own way, all girls are sensitive and over think things. She also might be just shy and didn't know what to say. But girls do love compliments, especially if they are done right.

-If she went away in a mad way, she might have thought that its very shallow to like someone just for their looks and wants to be appreciated for other things. Or she might have thought you were teasing her instead of complementing her.

-If you yelled (said) it out while she was walking by and she kept on going calmly, then she did hear it, but wants you to think she didn't so she'll have an excuse as to why she didn't answer (she couldn't think of what to say, but was flattered).

-If you were talking away and then you suddenly said that, and she walked away, then she was processing what you said in her mind, and was flattered. or she might of gotten scared that you might like her and didn't know how to deal with it positively or negatively.

-If you got up the confidence to walk right up to her and just tell her the truth then good for you! If you told her around her friends or other people then she was probably embarassed and walked away afraid you were going to ask her out and she wasn't shure about how she felt about you. But, if you two are close friends then she probably walked away trying to process what you said then deciding how she feals about you. There is also the chance that she thinks you are just being a jerk and joking. She could also just not like you like that.

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