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What does it mean when you think about a girl every day?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-03 20:27:48

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Ah, that can mean various things. It may mean you like the girl for more than she is (love) , it could mean you're scared of her , or........ you love her, like I just said. Don't be afraid to make a move, but get to know her better, you may find out you get the best things because of it.

2006-08-03 20:27:48
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What does it mean if a girl says hi to you every day?

she wants a friendship

What does it mean when a girl texts you every day?

She wants your penis and wants to have sex with you.

Does he like you if he talks to you at every chance he gets?

yes, I think so, He must have a crush on that girl. So what do you think? Is you the girl or guy? Have a nice day!!

Je pense Γ  toi tous les jours?

I think of you every day. I am thinking of you every day. They both mean the same thing in French.

What does it mean when a guy changes his attitude towards a girl every day?

probaly trying diffrent styles so the girl/guy will ask them out

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What does it mean when you see a girl you like glancing at you every day?

Dont date if ur a teen...but the awnser is she likes you

What does it mean when a girl keeps looking at you at lunch every day?

Alot of times, i do when i think he is cute or i like alot. some girls are different but alot look at someone over and over, because they like him

What does it mean if a boy is mean to a girl does that mean that that boy likes her?

that is kinda a myth a boy liked me before and he was mean to me at all he gave me a hug every day.......although with your siblings are different

What does it mean when a boy and a girl just met and the boy and the girl play football with each other every school day?

You more than likely have a new friend !

Do you think that Valentine's Day is appropriatefor a twelve year old girl?

Im not sure what you mean by appropriate... But if you mean to like give something to a special someone.. then yes i think so.

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When a girl hugs you does that mean they like you?

yes and no if she hugs you every day maybe if she's hugged you once, it's hard to tell

How often should a girl text a guy?

twice a day every day

Is the last day of winter the same every year?

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What does it mean if you think about your ex everyday?

trust me i used to do that every day... you'll get ver her/him... but it also means that you are way to desperate

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It stands for the Latin quaque die, meaning "once a day" or "every day."dailyEvery dayevery day

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What does it mean when you have a dream of you getti ng marry?

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