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Perhaps it means that it is nice to see you?

If you had a good relationship then it might be nice to see you again after some time . . . .

If he is not actually flirting, he is probably just being courteous and letting you know there are no ill feelings after the breakup.


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It means she had to call it of for some reason , try again,

It means that whatever "they" are makes them feel young again.

It may be nice compliment words and may be an introduction to be introduced to some sexual actions.

Some older brothers are mean but some are nice.

If you get this it's some weird error message. Close the window and try again. Usually it says NAN seconds

it depends. some r nice some are mean u have to ask a perfesional on that one.

who knows there is so many people in the world some are nice some are mean because of their personalities and tempers and emotions.

everyone is different and some people just happen to like to be mean and others happen to like to be nice.

Some female ones may be mean and some may be nice.

some might be but most are nice if you raise them right some might be but most are nice if you raise them right some might be but most are nice if you raise them right

Some of them very nasty

it means nice,pretty and some times bossey but a nice person.

Can't think of any that mean nice but there are some that could be nice about someone or something: Clean, Queen, Lean, Glean. Hope that helps!!

Well it depends some dogs are nice some are mean so I guess you could say they are.

doesn't mean much.. I use it all the time, mostly when I want to be a smart mouth, but some of the times are .sincere. I wouldn't take it as a signal that they like you. sometimes there just very nice

Answer: your mom is!!!!!! Answer: I agree with him/her well my teacher is mean and nice but the school i go to has some really nice teachers.

Some boys act different in there felling and they might also like you then not cuz i have a boy who likes me and he is mean and nice to me...

Tell you this, they are people. All people are different. Think of it this way, are all Americans nice? So, technically some people are nice and some are mean.

That he thinks you are cute and nice, some times guys are just being nice and some times they are flurting with you. It depends on the way they say it.

It means that some says that you owe them money and they have a contract that says this.

It is up to you some kids can be super mean and some can be very nice!

When a boy is nice to a girl it doesn't mean that they hate them, they are just trying to be nice. Not everyone is the same and some boys will be mean to the girl that they like while other boys will be nice.

some were really nice to elizabeth but some were mean

Even though it doesn't appear in the dictionary, Pengest hair is actually a compliment! When someone says that you or some one else has pengest hair they mean that it is nice! Hope this helps.

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