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You should see your doctor right away. Good luck and God Bless:)

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How poison ivy makes you feel?

Poison ivy makes you itch and burn. It hurts.

What does it feel like to get a tattoo?

It feels like a vibrating rug burn. as the saying goes "it hurts so good". it hurts pretty bad, but somehow it feels good.

What happens to your digestive system when you eat hot chips?

you feel a burn in your body

How does it feel when you get shot with a gun?

It either hurts and you survive or it hurts and you die.

What is the fluid protection for the brain and spinal cord?

blood and body tissues.probably muscle.if you feel your neck,you'll feel some muscle around the sides of your neck bone.if you feel the sides of your spine,you'll feel muscle.:D

What does it feel like to get stabbed?

It hurts

How does frostbite feel when you get it?

It hurts alot.

Can conjoined twins feel both sides of the body?

They often don't. Unless they share a nervous system (and these rarely survive birth), they can only feel what's going on on their half of the body.

What does a sprained hand feel like?

It hurts

What does it feel like to be kicked in the balls?

It hurts!

What does it feel like to get bite by a shark?

It hurts.

How does it feel to have a parent who steals from you?

it hurts. It makes you feel unloved, unrespected, and unimportant.

After a night of drinking my body hurts. Why?

It's called a hangover. Alcohol is a type of poison. The next day as the body tries to metabolise the alcohol, a person may feel ill.

What does extascy do to your body?

ecstay makes your body feel like your floating sometimes flying ...when your on x you dont feel anything like hits cuts nothing hurts in the long it makes holes in your brain and makes you slow but that takes many years

What does a broken ankle feel like?

A broken ankle hurts very badly. Usually it hurts to walk on it.

How does it feel to break your arm?

It hurts very much.

Why do you feel warm after exercising?

If you run for long it hurts.

How does your toe feel if you break it?

You can't move it and if you do it hurts!!

Why do burns feel wet?

They feel wet because when you get a burn, water from your body tries to get to the burn to make it feel better. In World War Two, there was this bomb that when people breathed it in, it made their lungs feel burned. Water would to to the lungs and drown the person in their own water. That's kind of clever. Scary, but clever!

Where in your body can you check your pulse?

Your wrist and the side of your neck.

What are the reasons for stiffness in human body?

When our muscles don't come in work they do not burn lipids to produce energy.So our body can't burn lipids to produce energy .so we feel our body not functioning very good due to less energy .This malfunction of our voluntary muscles is known as stiffness.

How do chameleons feel?

they feel smooth and kinda soft. my brother got bit and says it hurts.

How does it feel to get stabbed?

it feels OUCH... I tried it guys and it HURTS

What does it feel like to pull a muscle?

it hurts . follow me @BREEZYgirlwhite

What does a fractured ankle feel like?

it hurts really bad