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What does it mean when your boss jokingly comments about his speedos and when you approach him about it he says 'trust me - you really wouldn't want to see me in speedos'?

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2006-07-08 19:47:06

Your boss could actually be joking with you. Or he could be on

his way to work place sexuall harasment. I had a boss that just

starting out joking "lightley", then it began to get out of hand.

He had been doing that to a bunch of us girls at work. When we

finally told on him, by company policy it was investigated and he

was fired. But could you believe that after he got fired all the

other guys and girls that we all worked with blamed us! They even

stopped talking to us and being our friend! And we did not do

anything wrong! Just be carefull. I have been a victim of sexual

harassment and I don't ever want to be again! May God Bless you and

give you the strength that you need:)

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