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I would ask him what he means by that.

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How can you get your boyfriend to trust you again?

Remind him that when you love someone you dont just love them for the good you them for their all and u say sorry and tell him you are reliable

How can i steal my sister's boyfriend he is only 17 and i am 21 but i think i love him?

That is your sister! Dont do that, you may think you love him, but what if something happens between you and the boyfriend, then you will loose your sister and the guy. trust me when i say dont do it. You will loose more than you gain.

What is my girlfriend really saying when she asks me if I'd ever cheat on her?

She is asking if she can really trust you completely to love only her. She wants an honest and faithful boyfriend (and someday a husband).

What do you say when your boyfriend asks you why do you love him?

Well why do you love him?because he mite be somthing special to me.

What do you call it when a husband asks for support from his wife?

trust love and affection

What does it mean when a guys asks if you have a boyfriend?

He is asking if you are available. If you have a boyfriend then you presumably are in a relationship with (love) this boyfriend and therefore will not be open to forming a relationship with him.

What if your boyfriend cheated and he wants you back?

if you truley love him and can trust him take him back and if you cant trust him tell him "girls with arses like mine dont go out with guys with faces like yours

What do you do if you dont love your boyfriend?

you should dump him

Should you tell your boyfriend you love him?


How can you make your boyfriend love you and trust you?

well do something for him, proove him that he can trust you with anything, or talk to him alone

What do you say when your ex boyfriend asks you about your love life?

it's none of your business, it's just that. your love life, not his!!

Why does my boyfriend still love me but he does not trust me?

You should try sleeping with him, he will trust you more if he knows you are willing to commit.

Can a women love a men and dont trust him?


What do you do when your ex is showing all the signs that they still love you but they have a new girlfriend or boyfriend?

well if they really love you they will most likely break up with there boyfriend or girlfriend but if they dont they dont really love you!

What should you do if you love this person but they dont trust you?

Try and re-gain or gain their trust.

What to say when your boyfriend says why do i love him?

When your boyfriend asks you what you love about them you should say everything. If he asks you what everything means you should say I love your deep voice if he has one, the way you cant stop buying me things, the way you laugh, the fact that you tell me you love me all the time and the way you hold me at night.

What do you say when your best guy frien asks you out?

tough but not impossible if u like him just say yes you guys will still have a best friend relationship but it will be better but if you dont like him tell him u love him as a brother or a friend not as a boyfriend and he might understand and only a best friend will understant trust me #MACster

What do you do when your boyfriend tells you he loves you?

if you love him say i love you 2, but if you dont love him say that your not ready for that..

If you tell your boyfriend you love him and he asks you why you love him what do you tell him back?

Well, if he asks you why, then tell him why. Be truthful on this. You can tell him some of the things about him that you like. For example, you could tell him, "Honey, I love how you are always there for me. Then you know what to say when I have a problem."

What do you do if you don't know if your boyfriend is true to you?

If your not sure don't think it critically. Just trust him and Love him as you love your love ones.

Should you move in with your boyfriend of 1 year?

Depends on how much you trust him and love him.

What do you do if you dont love your boyfriend back?

Break up..? :S

What to say when your boyfriend asks why you love him so much?

Be honest with him. If you love him for the way he is, tell him. I have a TON of friends who are guys, and they love it when a girl is being honest with them.

What do you say when your boyfriend asks if you love him?

I say "I love you Kareem"... I mean what else is there to say. If you mean it say, if not just continue the conversation...

How can you show your boyfriend you really love him and trust him?

if you want him to trust you tell him somthing you wouldn't even tell your best friend