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It either means one of two things: 1) he loves you but doesn't wish to be in a relationship now, or 2) he's lying to spare your feelings. Perhaps he doesn't want to be in a relationship with you, because he wants to see other girls or because he doesn't see your relationship going anywhere. Or perhaps he has developed strong feelings for you that make him feel vulnerable, especially if either one of you will be heading off to college one day, perhaps soon. With more kids going away to college -- especially girls, who now outnumber boys on campuses by a margin of 3 to 2 -- high-school relationships now often end in heartbreak for someone. In today's world, almost no one has a long-term relationship with anyone he or she dated in high school. So kids should be very wary about getting in too deep in high school.

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What does it mean when my boyfriend say he wants this forever?

If you're referring to "this" being your relationship, then your boyfriend is just saying that he wants to continue being with you "forever." :)

How does an idiom work?

an idiom is a saying that doesnt mean what it says. and example is someone saying the apple doesnt fall far from the tree, the are not actually talking about apples and trees they are usually talking about a parent and child relationship.

What does it mean if a guy your in a relationship with breaks up with you and says to you he has mixed feelings for you?

He is saying that he likes you but he also likes someone else.

Why would an ex-boyfriend who ended the relationship send periodic emails saying he is thinking of you but won't take it any further than that and say what is really on his mind?

that means that he really doesnt wanna be with u for a reason but he cant control himself

What is the meaning of the symbol in the Relationship Map?

Map in a relationship refers to a woman's vagina. if your boyfriend says he would like you to be his map, its an impolite way of saying i want to f** you!

If your guy tells you he loves you and wants a future with you but then breaks up with you saying he doesnt want a relationship with anyone right now how do you interpret that he is separated?

Well first of all, this dude's an idiot for saying that 2 u and 2nd, who do you want to explain to that he is seperated? A freind, mom, dad, sis, bro? It depends who u wanna say it 2.

What about it when that person is saying he is not interested in you and his eyes doesnt say this so?

Then he is, but he's either afraid to be in a relationship or he just is staying off the market.

When a tomboy tells you that there in a relationship is this a decoy?

No, it is not. Being a tom boy doesnt make you gay.:) just saying huuny xx k. ;)

How do you not be a quiet boyfriend?

Listen and then respond to what you're girlfriend is saying. Be open with your feelings. Communication is one of the most important parts of a relationship.

Is it weird if one of your exes keeps saying hey in the hallway and flirting with you even though he says he doesnt like you and he knows you have a boyfriend?

Ignore the guy and get on with your life

What does it mean when your boyfriend tells you he loves you but doesnt look at you when he says it?

He could just be nervous about saying it. The best thing to do would be to ask him about the situation. Hope this helped..(:

How do you know if your friend loves your boyfriend?

i had the same situation,when he flirts..she doesnt push him away.she flirts just as not saying you bf is flirting on purpose but boys do flirt.if she cant look you in your eye and honostly say she doesnt like him.then....

My boyfriend and I broke up recently A long distance relationship But now he's saying he wants to break up with his new girlfriend and wants to be my boyfriend again Should I forgive him?

If he changed yes but if you think he is the same no.

Your boyfriend went from telling you that he loves you to not saying it at all when you are Iming each other or talking on the phone is he cheating on you?

Relationships are hard. Even though its logical to believe the worst, him not saying "I love you" doesnt mean hes cheating on you. I think you should ask him about the change. It may be possible that he doesnt know what hes doing, or that there is a bigger problem.

What can you do if your girlfriend breaks up with you by saying that she no longer feels the relationship?

According to some articles i have read about this situation i think its proper that you move on because once people like her indicate they are not ready for a relationship they most often, really aren't.

When your boyfriend says i love but doesnt loves loves you?

Typically that's just the thing to say when you are in a relationship. It makes each companion feel great about each other. If they don't really love you just except the fact that he is saying he does because its just the thing to say in relationships. But, if you don't love him don't say you do.

When an exgirlfriend says she just doesnt want to deal with the stress of a relationship right now what does that mean?

she doesnt want to be in a relationship right now she wants to focus on other stuff more important in her life not saying a relationship isnt important but maybe she wants to focus in school or something a lot of girls do want to focus on other stuff then relationships i hope that helped. :)

How do you know if your boyfriend REALLY likes you...and Is it bad if your always the one saying 'I love You' to him.... Or does that mean he doesnt like you?

you know because he tell you everything and he trust you for you.:)

What if your boyfriend moved and this girl sent you a message saying your boyfriend is cheating on you what do you do?

If you want to continue your relationship with your boyfriend, probably the first thing to do is ask yourself which you trust more, your boyfriend or "this girl." Just because she claims it doesn't mean it's true (it doesn't mean it's NOT true either, but at the very least you should give your boyfriend the opportunity to deny it).

What is a girl usually saying if she is secretly talking to her friend but its right in front of her boyfriend about her boyfriend?

most of the time its nothing but if it is something then it is probably about how your relationship is going or something like that but girls love to talk secretively even if it is something stupid.

What should a girl do if her boyfriend ignores her?

Your boyfriend ignoring you means one thing that you are invisible in his eyes.So change that by taking charge of your life and the relationship and confront him as to why he is doing so and to let him know that you feel as if your in the relationship alone. Also do not blame yourself saying maybe it is something that you did. Get some time alone and talk the issue over with him. Talking solves a lot of problems in a relationship

What do you do if your boyfriend is drunk and puking at his sisters somewhere and he says he doesnt care about himself and stuff hes sixteen BTW?

If he was drunk, explain to him what he said about himself because he probably didn't realise what he was saying.

When someone doesnt want to be in relationship right now and still cares for you could you give him his space cause absence makes the heart grow fonder right?

when a person doesnt want to be in a relationship , in the right now moment but still cares for you, only the ppl within that relationship can hold the answers to this question , whilst the saying goes abscence makes the heart grow fonder,theres the saying to share is to care.... by sharing you both can decide where you want to be in the now moment and where you wish to be in the future only you can decide.

If you get a boyfriend then move to the other side of the state will this relationship work out?

Have you ever heard the saying "only time will tell"? I thin kthat applies here. I wish you the best with your bo!

What is so delicate that saying it's name breaks it?