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What does it mean when your boyfriend grabs your butt and breasts and kisses you all over?


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2008-02-17 21:44:48
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He can't keep his hands off of you. it means he loves you. hes lucky, i wish i had a girlfriend.

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If you dont want him to do it, get a new boyfriend

If he cares for you and truly respects you, he will stop if you truly want him to. You need to communicate it to him clearly that you do not like it and it stops now.

Not necessarily. Maybe she only likes your butt...

That really depends on who the guy is, if its your boyfriend then hes probably being affectionate or feeling frisky, if its your boss its sexual harassment.

You can report it as sexual harassment.

Look in his eyes and smile. My boyfriend always grabs my butt and than slowly strokes my body and I just follow his hands! Hope this helps😄

It could mean that he was passionately kissing you and in the heat or this could be showing signs of abuse I guess.It depends on how hard he grabbed it. it doesn't mean any thing but if he grabs your butt or boobs then he totally loves you!!

Punch them in the balls and see if they like it!!

It means he wants to feel you all over. My boyfriend reaches into the front of my pants and slowly goes under my thong, slightly playing with me. That's what your boyfriend is probably going to do soon.

When someone grabs another persons butt every day

well it might just mean he likes to touch it or he wants more than kissing or it could mean nothing at all just that they happen to fall into place there

Yeah. That's what guys do they grab girl butt everything. That's there why of saying hi and I love you.

Yes but it might itch and it will be white you can also use it on your butt and breasts I use it on my vagina breasts and butt it smells very good

Can prenatal vitamins make your breasts or butt grow? If so what does it depend on? Dosage? Certain types? Food you eat with the vitamins? Ect.

because its hot men love a nice butt

If the guy is cute n you are single n u liked it just kiss him

He obviously likes you! If hes single go get him girl!

Grin and bear it ... he's not your boyfriend yet, and obviously not the other girls' boyfriend either, he's just being a "guy" ... stop being so jealous, as right now he does not belong to anyone, including you.

Depends on what she likes, some girls like when your kissing them you could gently rub your hand slowly from her breasts to her butt, then as the kisses get more intense, rub your hand faster. There are tons of ways, but that's one.

If you eat a lot of corn or other refined (processed) carbohydrates you can gain weight all over including weight on your breasts and butt. Refined (processed) carbohydrates are the major cause of unwanted weight gain and obesity. However, there in no healthy food, or unhealthy food, that enables you to gain weight on just your breasts and butt.

If you boyfriend starts squeezing your butt, it may mean that he is turned on and is trying to turn you on as well.

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