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how do you know it's accident tell him that you don't call out your exes name and that rude tell him to have more respect for you he knows who he's talking to don't fall for that mess if it happens repeatedly then there's obviously more to the situation that meets the eye ask him does he still have feelings for her and if he says yeah then tell he needs to deal with his problem but not to call out her name to you anymore and that you don't like it. it depends on what your doing when he makes that mistake

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2006-04-11 14:43:32
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Q: What does it mean when your boyfriend keeps calling you by his ex-girlfriend's name by accident?
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Yes, and you demand that they stop!

What do you do when your boyfriend's ex keeps calling and wants to get back with him?

call that girl and tell her no

What to do if your ex boyfriend keeps calling you after you broke up with him?

post a note that yu no longer live at this address

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Run, thats the best remedy for trouble. :) been there

Does it mean when you break up with your boyfriend and he keeps calling you?

He still wants you and is sorry. Or he wants u to give him your sister, your friend or any girl that u know's number.

If my boyfriend keeps calling me by my best friend's name does it mean he likes her?

maybe. or maybe he means he doesn't know your name. or maybe he's cheating on you with your best friend. why don't you ask him?

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ask him if he is comfortable naming his ex`s names and then iif he is when he is done ask him if he is over all of them

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Her ex keeps calling?

either hes jealous you have a new boyfriend,he wants to get back together with you,or he wants to tease you or act funny because you guys broke up (trust me been there done that)

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