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The top motor mount is worn out. It would have helped knowing the car's year, make, and model, but, if your car's engine shudders after it is warmed-up and running idle, then it is probably a symptom that your vehicle needs a tune-up (i.e., new spark plugs (assuming it isn't a diesel), change the timing belt or chain, etc) or that you used a grade of gas that is not suitable for the vehicle (in some cars, even premium gas may throw off a car's timing) or the transmission modulator (or similar) is malfunctioning. Unfortunately, without seeing the vehicle, there is no way to determine exactly what the problem is, so take the car to a qualified mechanic.

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Q: What does it mean when your car's engine shudders after it is warmed-up and idle?
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Zx2 shudders and dies out at stops and idle?

If a Zx2 shudders and dies out at stops and idle, the idle might need adjusted. If the idle is set too low, it will not maintain enough power.

Diesel engine shakes and shudders in idle?

If it is running fine at high revs the most likely problem is an injector

Your engine shudders shakes real bad when warmed up esp in idle. Could this be the compressor even though you have nothing turned on ie ac heatdefrostetc.?

Without much to go on, I would suggest you look for a vacuum leak, especially if the engine runs good under acceleration and only shakes and shudders at idle.

What is an idle motor?

An idle motor controls the idle-like when U turn on the AC,It will raise the RPM's so the engine doesn't stall. Idle motors are used on computer cars & instead of a screw adjustment.

Why does a car idle too low?

A car can idle too low because there is a leak in the vacuum. Cracks or breaks on the vacuum hoses in the cars engine could be the cause of this.

Can you adjust the voltage on the idle control valve on a 2005 Chevrolet Aveo and lower the idle speed or is there anything else you can do to lower the idle speed engine RPM?

No you cant it is controlled by the the cars computer which is set by the manufacturer

How does an idle control valve work?

The idle control valve works by regulating the idle speed of the engine. The idle speed of the engine is usually controlled by the engine of the computer.

2003 sierra will not idle after replacing the battery?

Most newer cars and trucks engine computers need to "re learn " how to idle after having the battery disconnected. You do this by starting the engine and allowing it to idle for 5 - 10 minutes without revving the engine. It will eventually learn on it's own if you do not follow this procedure , it just takes a little longer.Don

What is causing the high idle sound when you start your car?

Cars often idle fast when you start them up. The automatic choke will make the car idles fast for a while then the idle speed will slow down, once the engine warms up.

Why does 440ci stroker engine have rough idle and engine shake at idle?

because that's kind of a big engine

What would cause your 89 Nissan Sentra to idle high?

Your Nissan may just idle high during the warm up of your engine. These cars are designed to do this based upon the fact the cars have an optimum running temperature. If they idle high when for the first 15 minuets it's to achieve that optimum running temp. If not then you may have a vacuum leak.

What is the meaning of idle?

of Idle

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