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sounds liks it could be the starter selinoid ,if you have access to a used auto parts dealer i would recommend getting a used one and try first ,it cost less money and may last a long time . also most electrical parts are none returnable when purchased new .

2007-05-15 20:31:35
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95 wrangler clicking sound when starting?

the starter cellanoid needs replaced.

1992 Dodge Stealth that has sit for over a year you replaced the battery and the car will not start only hear a click What could be wrong?

It could be a starter problem....can you tell where the click is coming from? is it the started clicking, or a relay clicking?

When you try to start your 2005 dodge durango it just makes a clicking noise starter and battery was recently replaced?

When you hear a clicking noise is most likely a battery problem however you stated that the battery was replaced so i suggest you check the condition of your cables look for rust or corrosion etc.

1996 Toyota Tercel starts sometimes after some clicking?

get your starter check I had same problem it was faulty starter

I crossed the starter solenoid and it just clickswhat is the problem?

that test indicates that you need to replace the starter motor.if no clicking in this test , you would replace solenoid first. but clicking indicates solenoid works,so replace starter motor

Try to start car but just keeps clicking then suddenly it starts is it the starter motor?

Possibly the starter, possibly the solenoid... fortunately, they're both replaced when you buy a new starter.

Why does your starter just make a clicking noise?

If it is a single click, the problem is either a loose battery cable or a faulty starter relay/solenoid. If the symptom is rapid clicking, the battery is probaly low.

What does it mean when your car is making a clicking sound but will not start?

it is most likely the starter, the starter will range from $100-200 at autozone, or oriely, i just replaced the starter in my 99 sunfire for the same reason.

94 sentra does not start no clicking is this and ignition switch or starter?

Sounds like a selenoid problem.

Battery on 1991 toyota camry works but won t start. what could be the problem?

Sounds as though you may need a new starter. I had the same problem on my car so I replaced the starter. If you hear a clicking when you turn the key then it is definitely the starter.Should cost around $100 for a new one with a warranty.

Why is your starter clicking?

When does it click and does it Crank when it is clicking

Where is the starter located on a 1996 Chevy Astro Van RWD?

there is a clicking noise when I start engine starts no problem just curious of the clicking noist

How do you trouble shoot a starter problem?

When you try to start engine is there any noise,such as clicking from area of starter?If you can hear a clicking , this usually indicates poor connections.To trouble shoot starter problem, the first thing i would do is determine if it is starter or solenoid.To do this ,you need a remote starter switch,connected to starter solenoid.Solenoid is located either on the starter,or on firewall in engine bay,depending on what vehicle you have. if you dont have a remote switch, you can short the solenoid terminals with a screw driver.When shorting, if the solenoid is good you will hear clicking.If you dont hear anything , replace the solenoid.If you hear clicking and starter doesnt work, pull the starter out and replace .

Why does the car not turn over after starter solenoid is replaced?

If the car does not turn over after the solenoid is replaced, that means the problem was not the starter solenoid. The problems lays elsewhere in the electrical system.

What does it mean when your car will not start it just clicks?

These answers by mechanics about dead batteries are amazing me. I am a girl...really into cars because I have had a few. I just had this problem in my 1989 classic Saab. The problem is your starter...The clicking sound means that the pin inside of the starter is not projecting itself and thats why when you turn your key you hear a clicking. Get your starter tested

Why is 1994 Isuzu Rodeo starter clicking. The starter solenoid clicks then the starter motor engages. HAYNES quotes problem is battery or starter solenoid contacts or starter motor connections.Ideas?

either clean and tighten cable connections or get battery tested. if not the battery, it is the solenoid or the starter If it is clicking and not starting at first, but starts after a few tries, its your starter taking a dump. Replace it.

Clicking in a car and won't start?

the solenoid is broken. sometimes if you strike the starter motor sharply this cures the problem.

Have 351 windsor two of them a 1986 and 1990 both with same problem when the starter engages it slips on the fly wheel replaced starter and fly wheel and it still does it never had this problem onford?

I'm not sure what you mean by "slips". Is the starter making a grinding noise or does the starter sound like it is missing the flywheel completely? My first thought was a bad starter drive (part of the starter) but if you replaced the starter with a new one it shouldn't be that.

What would cause a car to whine and crank when trying to start it after 8 or so idle hours you have replaced the starter it is a Chevy s10 2001?

Did you follow the starter alignment instructions when you replaced the starter? Are you getting oil on the Bendix? That could cause the starter gear to engage slowly. It is possible that the replacment starter has a problem. Also, if the previous starter had the same problem it could have damaged the gear on the flex plate.

Why is your 2010 Toyota Camry clicking when you try to start it?

If it cranks just fine once it gets going then, most likely, the starter has to be replaced.

97 Ford F150 you hear clicking when you try to start it Battery checked good starter solenoid replaced ground wire replaced rebuilt starter and checked good What else can be wrong?

battery need to be at lease 14 volts to be able to start

Why is there a clicking noise when trying to start your jeep?

clicking noise when trying to sart engine usually indicates a flat battery.if the battery is not the problem ,the starter motor needs repair.

96 Ford Ranger won't start just clicking?


When I replaced a fuel pump in my 97 blazer it still won't start What could be the problem?

Dead starter?

Why did your 1992 Geo tracker 4 wd crank and then cut off and wont crank back?

crank sencer When I had the same problem it was the starter solenoid. It is built on the starter so you have to replace both. After the starter/solenoid was replaced I had no more problems. P.S. If you take it to most major auto parts places they can check the starter but not the solenoid mine showed good but after I replaced it I never had that problem again.