What does it mean when your dead husband is angry with you?

Unless you believe in ghosts your dead husband isn't going to be letting you know how he feels - so the question would be meaningless.

If you DO believe in ghosts then it would mean the same thing as if he was alive and angry with you - that he is angry.

If the question is what it means if you DREAM that your husband, who is dead, is angry with you it could mean:
  • you have a guilty conscience - It may be that you already know that did something that would have angered him but you didn't really think about it at the time just how much it would bother him and the dream is a way of letting you know that this is an important issue that you need to take steps to sort it out.
  • you are afraid that because you are letting go and moving on that he might be angry with you - in that case, just let it be. It's part of the healing process
  • you feel that there is something unresolved - which may mean that you are having trouble letting go and moving on - and healing
You have to examine yourself and your feelings to decide which is most likely.