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What does it mean when your ex-boyfriend moves closer and closer to you at school and he's also letting himself go by not keeping up his personal appearance?

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2006-10-02 20:29:56

These are very serious red flags for you. NEVER be alone with

this ex of yours and try to stay around friends. When walking or

riding home from school stay in a group and NEVER be alone with

this young man. Let your parents know! If home alone DO NOT ANSWER

THE DOOR without looking to see who it is first. If he bothers you

at home by phone refuse to answer his calls. He shows all the signs

of obsession with you and it's not normal obsession. He has let

himself go in appearance so this means he is thinking about you a

great deal and probably not getting a lot of sleep and his mind-set

isn't the best. Hygiene is his last concern. This could end up in a

dangerous situation. There is no way you can deal with this alone

in school. If you ignore him it will make him angrier and if you

smile and try to be nice to him he will misunderstand and think he

still has a chance with you. This will not only involve you, but

should you have another boyfriend this could endanger him as well.

Your ex will see your new boyfriend as the reason for the split-up

and he will go after him. Please tell your parents and school

counselor and keep yourself safe!

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