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She must still want to be your friend and she just does not want to hurt you but that she is wanting to date another guy. It means "Get a life!" Move on, leave her alone, you are only hurting yourself by dwelling on what used to be. Find ways to get out and do things, meet other girls, keep yourself occupied. I suspect that the reason that she is telling you this is because you have been hanging around her a lot, and she knows that you will be hurt when you see her with someone else. But what was between the two of you is now over. That happens, and we all have to learn to cope with it. The faster that you find someone else that you are interested in, the faster you will get over the hurt.

2006-07-20 04:51:41
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Q: What does it mean when your ex-girlfriend tells you she doesn't want to hurt you but she has a new boyfriend?
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