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he Amy just be trying to get you back but it sounds like he really does have feelings for you and wants you back


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I think if a guy likes you who has a girlfriend will most likely ignore his girlfriend when she is with him or talking to him and stare at you go by..He will usually just always stare at you, smile, and will be nervous or awkward around you..He'll just show it with his actions and once he finds out you like him, he'll end the relationship with the other person..

They stare because they are talking about it and are secretly wanting it.

it means that he still has feelings for you, even if he has a usually is a sign that he would be your boyfriend once again in life.

It is highly possible your ex boyfriend may have some feelings towards you because you had a relationship and memories that went with that relationship. If you feel you want to get back together with him then communicate that to him by asking him to meet you somewhere privately.

he will stare at you every time you go near and if he doesn't like you he wont stare you in the eye and stare in some body else.

he will look at stare at you and sit by you

it might meanthat he likes you or that he is unsure what to say next

sometimes meand that she is jealous of your girlfriend because she likes u

checking who may be interested in you, despite his past feelings he had for you.

Yes, the users of the computers. Think about it, the users always stare at them.

She would stare at him and try to get close to him

He still isn't over his feelings for you and he wants to see if you are. He still isn't over his feelings for you and he wants to see if you are. He still isn't over his feelings for you and he wants to see if you are.

because he still has feelings for you but he duznt wanna tell you

People stare at lips when they are listening, since that is what they are focused on. The mouth is the source of the sound. Likewise, they stare at the face when they are talking themselves, to gauhge the reaction of the otehr person and create a feeling of personal contact.

The Italian language has separate methods of addressing men and women.If you are talking to a man, it would be Perché non puoi stare quieto?If you are talking to a woman, it would be Perché non puoi stare quieta?

the realationship between those two if you stare at eachother evry 3 minutes you wanna be in a relationship

you would know if you see them stare at u alot and talking. you would also know if they dont like you.

No, he isn't.He won't ever beat up his girlfriend. And plus I think that's he's a good guy with nice feelings and he has feelings for a girl. I wish I could meet you Robert!! I'm like your biggest fan. I have posters of you all over my wall and I awlays stare at you when I'm having a bad day.

U will be nice to them or u will stare at him or her alot

They probably like you but they can't find a way to express their feelings to that person..

She will flirt, Stare at your lips, sit really close to you, and lick her lips.

does she stare at you talk to you all the time smile at you

He will stare at his ex instead of you. He will try to flirt with his ex.

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