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It is called a TIC a nerve in the eyelid . I had this often as a child it is usually short term.

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Q: What does it mean when your eyelid has rapid movement constantly?
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What does REM sleep mean?

Rapid Eye Movement

What does the REM part of REM sleep mean?

rapid eye movement

What does not to bat an eyelid mean?

Don't blink.

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Equals rapid attraction. That is if your asking for what are the effects of the above.

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REM could mean Rapid Eye Movement, R.E.M the pop group, or it could mean the website - more information required

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What does a droopy eye on a dog mean?

Could be a prolapsed 3rd eyelid

What does the word hectics mean?

Characterized by intense agitation,feverish excitement , confused and rapid movement, etc. The period preceding the trip was hectic and exhausting.

The band REM What does there name mean?

REM stands for rapid eye movement. It's a stage of sleep when your dreaming. And to improve this answer. The lead singer of R.E.M, Michael Stipe, got the name of the band while looking through a dictionary, so it has nothing to do with rapid eye movement, which is the most comfortable point in sleep.

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What does the medical terminology combining form blepharo- mean?

Blepharo- refers to the eyelid.

What does twitching on your lower eyelid mean?

itll drop off. or your going to be permenantly winking.

What does tachyponea mean?

Tachypnea (or "tachypnoea") (Greek: "rapid breathing") means rapid breathing

My cat has shown her third eyelid does this mean she's sick?

Seeing your cat's third eyelid is a common sign of disease in cats. To answer your question, yes, it is very possible it means that your cat is sick.

What does the term chalazion actually mean?

A chalazion is a small sebaceous cyst. Chalazions occur inside the eyelid when a Meibomian gland is blocked. They appear to be small swellings underneath the eyelid and cause inflammation.

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Definitions of sty on the Web: * an infection of the sebaceous gland of the eyelid * a pen for swine

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