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Depends on what kind of car you have. Sounds like maybe the fuel is low. Or, if there is ample fuel in it, you may have a clogged line or pump. Or maybe your pump is going out. Feul is a relatively inexpenxsive problem for a shop to do it.

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Q: What does it mean when your fuel cut off warning light comes on?
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What does it mean when a gas light comes on then goes off when your not out of gas?

It is warning you that you are low on fuel and need to stop and fill the tank.

What is the warning light mean beside the battery warning light on a 1998 fiat brava?

The light next to the battery warning light is the fuel injection system warning light. If it comes on and goes off after a short while it should be ok but if it stays on for longer than 5-10 minutes then get it checked out.

What does the warning light slip tcs off mean on the dashboard for an infinity?

what does it mean when light comes on

What does the fuel tank warning light mean?

Probably means you running out of fuel and need to get a refill.

What does the Hyundai sonata low fuel warning mean How much gas is left in the tank?

The best way to find out for sure is to fill up as soon as the light comes on. Subtract that amount from the amount of fuel that the tank holds when full and the answer is how much fuel is left when the light comes on.

What does the gas pump dashboard warning light mean on a 2003 F250 powerstroke diesel?

Normally that would be the low fuel warning light

What does it mean when the handbrake warning light comes on?

If the handbrake is not engaged, and the warning light is coming on, it may mean that there are components in the braking system that require maintanence. Or, it could mean that the master cylinder is low on brake fluid.

What does the engine warning light on your fiesta mean?

When the check engine warning light comes on in a vehicle, it means there is a problem in the engine. It means that the engine and connection need to be checked.

Vw jetta dashboard warning light car with screw coming out of it what does this mean?

Check fuel cap: Illuminates when the fuel cap may not be properly installed. Continued driving with this light on may cause the Service engine soon warning light to come on.

What does it mean when the check your engine light comes on in a vehicle?

When the check your engine light comes on in a vehicle it can mean various things. The light is part of the vehicles diagnostic system and acts as a warning that something may be wrong with your vehicle.

What does spd warning light mean?

what dose light mean

What does the Suspention warning lamp light explorer 2000 mean?

The "CHECK SUSP" light comes on in the run position just before starting the engine to check the bulb . If the warning light comes on with the engine running that indicates that the air suspension system requires servicing

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