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Nothing - it was a simple accident that can happen to anyone. I wouldn't read too much into it nor should you hold a grudge against her for it. I am sure you have said the wrong thing before and not meant it.

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What was Rachel carsons boyfriends name?

She had a girlfriend

What does it mean when your girlfriend calls you by the wrong name?

\shes cheating on you or she is very stupid or she wants to brake up

What does breon mean?

my boyfriends name

What do you say to you boyfriends mum?

I would say my name and "I'm your son's girlfriend."

What does it mean when your boyfriend calls you by his ex girlfriends name?

It means shes not really his "ex"girlfriend and is probably cheating on you.

What does it mean when a guy calls you little lady?

it's a cutie, girlfriend name! I think somebody likes you, and wants to show it!

What do you do if your girlfriend calls you another mans name?

ask to meet that man!!!

When a guy calls his girlfriend a bad name what does it mean?

Most of the time boys try to show off to impress their friends... this is stupid it means that he is a complete and utter idiot and he needs to know that he should not be calling his lovely girlfriend names :)

What is Lady Gaga's boyfriends name?

Lady Gaga's boyfriends name is Carwithen but are in an arguement.

What is Renees boyfriends last name in Twilight?

Rennes boyfriends last name is Dywer

What does it mean when a person calls you by your full name?

They use your entire name

Does it mean death if a bird calls your name?


If a girl calls you by your name a lot does that mean she likes you?

No that's ur name

Whats my boyfriends name?

It is not clear what your boyfriends name is. However, if you are considering someone your boyfriend, you should know his name first.

Is Jeydon Wale's girlfriend really named Bella?

Jeydon calls her Bella, but her real name is Paige Lyons.

What does it mean when a guy calls a girl Gina?

He forgot your name.

Your boss accidentally calls you his wifes name often?

If a boss calls a person by their wife's name, it may mean he is thinking about his wife. It could also just be an accident and not mean anything.

Do you know your boyfriends name?


If a girl calls you boo but acts like she is not interested in you at all does she like you?

A girl I like calls me boo and holds my hand and we're not even going out, so it can be a pet name or a name that signifies you as being his/her boy/girlfriend.

What does the name Caelan mean?

caelan a dofus and he calls him self oblini

What does it mean when your boyfriend calls you by your name?

It probably means he is trying to get your attention.

What does the name Kailee mean?

Kailee means girlfriend or sweetheart.

Do you know how your boyfriends name is spelled?


What is Ra'dina boyfriends name?


What is Megans boyfriends name?