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It depends. If she's constantly talking bad about you behind your back and denying it, then there's probably something going on that you need to investigate. Talk to her and tell her how you feel and if she dismisses your feelings, then she's probably not worth your time.

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What does it mean my girlfriend always talks to her ex?

Honestly? You have A girlfriend, She has two boyfriends

What does it mean if your girlfriend talks to a lot of guys?

It means that she talks to a lot of guys. If you feel that there is something mroe going on, you should talk to her and explain your fear. However, you may need to just learn to trust her more and ensure she doesn't have any reason to go behind your back.

What does it mean when your girlfriend always talks about you?

That depends what she talks about. If she talks good things about you then that means she really likes you. If she talks bad things about you then that means she really doesn't like you.

What does mean when you dream your boyfriends mom telling you my son talks about you?

When you dream that your boyfriend's mom tells you that her son talks about you, this could mean that you are subconsciously suspicious that your boyfriend is talking about you behind your back. The best way to deal with this is to have a conversation with your boyfriend about it.

What does it mean when a guy talks to you shyly?

he's really nervous but wants you as his girlfriend

What doesn't mean if your girlfriend talks to your best friend more than she talks to you?

It could mean a crush, or she just likes talking to him. In otherwards try to talk to her in the way your bestfrend talks to her, if she still talks to him more than you it may be a crush.

If a guy talks to you on the phone for 45 minutes does he like you?

Just because he talks to you on the phone doesn't mean he likes you. I mean he might like you as a friend but not like a girlfriend.

What does it mean when a guy you know likes you talks about his ex girlfriend?

it kinda means he likes her not you

What does it mean when a guy talks about lingerie with you?

It means that he trusts you and you are a really good friend or girlfriend

What does it mean if your girlfriend talks to your best friend more than she talks to you?

It means she likes hanging out with her best friend. She'll spend time with you too.

If a guy talks badly about you to your friends does he like you?

It depends. Usually, if a guy likes you, they say mean things straight out to you. If they say them behind your back, most likely he hates you.

If a man just split with an x and he as just got a new girlfriend and then he sleeps with the x behind the girlfriends back does this mean he wants the x back?

it may mean that or it means he cant hold down a relationship

What does it mean when an ex talks behind your back constantly and ignores you completely or acts like an idiot when they are around you?

My ex would ignore me and laugh at me and I snapped back but in the end we went out again however I am in middle schOol

What does it mean when a guy talks about his stuff around you but you know he has a girlfriend?

well then he thinks you are a good friend or he likes you

What does it mean if an ex talks about you behind your back and then acts like a complete jerk when he runs into you?

He's probably awkward or embarrassed by your break up. Specially if you were the one who dumped him :P

What does it mean when your ex talks flirts he starts the talking and the flirting with you all the time stil but also talks to you about his current girlfriend and brings her up when talking to you?

to get you jealous or his current girlfriend jealous or after to make you his rebound dont fall for it RUNNNNN!!!!!

What does it mean when a guy knows you like them and he talks about his girlfriend to you?

It means he's trying to subtly tell you that he loves his girlfriend, and any advance you make is a sign of disrespect to him and her.

What does it mean when a boy stares at you when your not looking and stares into your eyes and is nice to you but he never talks to you and he has a girlfriend does he like you?

Yes He Does Likes You

What to do when you asked this guy to a dance but he was talking behind your back and calling you mean things?

tell him never mind and probably tell the girls he talks to about you find someone else there is a lot of fish in the sea

What does it mean if your ex has a girlfriend but talks to you a lot?

It could mean your ex is trying for a friendship basis or, he may want to keep tabs on who you are dating (not uncommon.)

One of my best guy friends that i happen to like calls me his girlfriend and talks about us making out but we're not actually dating What does this mean?

The fact that your good guy friend calls you his girlfriend and talks about making out is a good indication that he likes you as more than a friend.

What does it mean an ex girlfriend says its over for sure but still talks about the relationship when you call her?

Why are you still calling her if the relationship is over?

What is the word used for talking behind a person?

back bitting You might mean talking behind someone's back, and ways to describe that are gossiping, criticizing, "talking someone down," or "dissing" someone... could be betrayal or subversion as well. If you mean actually just standing behind someone and talking, then perhaps grumbling or murmuring or ... being passive-agressive. Often, the term "two-faced" is used to describe a person who talks poorly about someone behind their back, while acting like their best friend while in their presence.

What does it mean when an ex girlfriend hates your guts but still talks to you?

It doesn't necessarily "mean" anything, it's just something that happens. See the related link.

When a man talks to you and walk pass you and looks back?

Doesn't necessarily mean anything.