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I am assuming she had time to think things over and decided that she was tired of being treated as an unequal from you. She used this "get away" as the escape from you. She basically set herself free from your abuse, I mean really wouldn't you get sick of being abused everyday and night of our life?????? It is never a life to live when you have someone treating you like a dog, especially when it is someone that you love doing the abuse.

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How can a boy be abused by his girlfriend?

The same way a girl can be abused by her boyfriend: Physically; Mentally; Emotionally.

What should you do if your girlfriend is getting abused at home?

Tell police or a school counsellor

What will a child do if he or she is abused?

go to the police or contact anyone you know that you could trust

What to do if your girlfriend id being abused by her dad?

Speak anonymously to your school counselor or nurse. They will know what to do, and can keep you out of it.

What is the percentage of the number of animals abandoned or abused?

Contact the Humane Society of the United States at

How Can you Help Stopabuse?

If you are being sexually or otherwise abused please contact your local authorities! Good luck and take care. Dr. B If you are being sexually or otherwise abused please contact your local authorities! Good luck and take care. Dr. B

What can you do if you know someone who is being abused and won't tell anyone because of their siblings?

what I would do is contact the police or tell someone really close to the abused person if it's true and no lies

Is there agencies who help people who have abused?

Yes there are, contact your local authorities or the United Way Agency for your local listings.

What do you do if youre abused at home and nobody will listen?

First contact the police. From there, you should contact your state's department of child and family services if you are a child or if there is a child being abused in the home. If you are an adult and there are no children in the home, you can start with a local domestic violence project if you need help getting out. Or you can just leave.

How do you get my parents not to spank me?

If you think you are being abused, contact an adult that you trust, such as a teacher or school nurse, and tell them about it. They will contact the proper authorities, if necessary, in order to protect you from further harm.

What is the most common reason for dogs to turn on their owners?

if they feel threat or have been abused or unfeed. or they are losing contact with owner

How do you help a male friend if you detect he is being abused by his girlfriend?

You have to be really serious and tell him what you think.Don't hold back in this matter. I think so too. but if that doesn't work, just kill his girlfriend. That one will always work.

Who should a man contact if a woman is abusing him?

A man that is being abused by a woman can contact Mental Health in the region they live in and they will lead you to the Men's Abuse Program where everything is kept confidential.

How does women get abused?

they get abused by having a argument. they get abused by having a argument.

Can an abused almost fourteen yr old get emancipation?

It is not very likely that they can get emancipated. Of the states that allow emancipation, most require you to be at least 16. However, if you are being abused, contact local social services. They will help you get to a safe place.

What can you do about someone being abused if you live in another state?

Report the incedent to the police of your local area. They an contact the police in the other state.

Can a physically and emotionally abused 15 year old leave home without parents consent in qld?

Not unless they have a court order. If they are being abused, they should contact their local social services. A teacher at your school can help. They will get you to a safe place.

How do you protect your children whom are being emotionally abused by their father and his girlfriend?

Take him to court, Show damages,,,,,,,,,,,, A lawyer will be needed for this,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sorry, There is no other legal way.

How do know if your abused?

If you have to ask if you are abused then you are not.

Can a 15 year old get emancipated due to being physically abused?

there's actually rules to being emancipated first you have to have a means of support and parental concent and you have to be 16 so if the 15 year old is getting abused he should contact the authorities

Why are you prone to abusing your girlfriend now when she was the one who abused you physically and emotionally for the last 2yrs?

Abuse sometimes breeds abuse and couples comprising two abusers are common.

Where are animals abused at?

animals get abused everywhere

How can an abused son show his father that intimidation doesn't earn respect and obedience?

If you are being abused you should contact the proper authorities. Rebeling is not the answer and may only lead you to worse situations. Your father may not be afraid of you but, I'll bet he's afraid of the police.

Why do women after been abused by males go gay?

not all women who are abused by men turn into lesbians btw. and after being abused by a man it would be difficult to trust one again in fear of previous problems reccuring. they may not date for a while but certainly they all dont turn to homosexuality. thats like saying if your girlfriend slapped you in the face your going to start seeing men

Was eminem sexualy abused?

Yes, according to interviews, rapper Eminem was in fact sexually abused as a child. He was sexually abused and verbally abused by his step father.

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