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Without knowing more its a tuffy. How long has this been going on for example. I would remind him of your history together 20 years for god sake. You cant just get that instantly with anyone. He would have to build a trust with someone who would be distrustfull of him to begin with for leaving his wife of 20 years at the drop of a hat. Plus who would take a misery guts like him crying all the time and not knowing who he loves. Is there children involved. Be supportive and gentle and caring but give him a kick in the pants dont let it drag on tell him to act like a grown up, not a man, men can cry. Tell him you demand to know he loves you if he doesnt be tough tell him you cant live a life with someone who doesnt love you and hint your still open to see a councellor with him. Tough love here. It sounds like this is a good time to seek counseling... It appears that this relationship isn't beyond repair and sometimes some deep communication in a safe environment can be beneficial. Good luck!

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Q: What does it mean when your husband of 20 years says he likes you a lot but doesn't love you says it's not you that it's him and you're miserable and feel like crying all the time and what do you do?
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