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Your boyfriend probably doesn't realize he's doing it. Unless he has come right out and told you to go back to your ex then you're second-guessing him. It's obvious you have problems in your relationship, so take some quiet time out for yourself and decide if you want to continue this relationship with your boyfriend and if he's worth trying to resolve your problems together. If you think he's worth it, then go for a walk together, sit at your favorite coffee shop and start communicating with him. Just ask him right out what is wrong. Tell him exactly how you feel. Tell him you can't help but feel he wants you to go back to your ex. My question to you is ... Are you threatening him with going back to your ex or are you bringing your ex's name up one too many time? Young women sometimes play these games as an edge on the relationship they are in. If you want to lose your boyfriend keep mentioning your ex's name! Your wish will be granted! Good luck Marcy ==== It means you want to be with your ex-boyfriend, or that you have associated happy times with him and you want to get that back. As for you current one, are you sure you waited long enough between relationships to jump into your next? You sound like you need Resolution. It's your life, choose wisely.

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Q: What does it mean when your new boyfriend just makes you love your ex-boyfriend more?
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What is it about your boyfriend you like that makes you love him?

just kiss him and take a shower with him

What do you say to your old boyfriend if he wants to keep dating you even though you are already in a relationship with someone else?

I'v been here before. If you love your boyfriend tell him but if you relize you love your exboyfriend then date him. also if you have thought about breaking up with your boyfriend then date your ex. if you love them the same stay with your boyfriend. if you thought your ex is a better boyfriend date him if you think your boyfriend now is better stay with him. in little words, who do you love?

What do you do if your best friend is going out with your exboyfriend that your still in love with?

you do nothing...just don't be her friend if she's honestly doing that to you!!

Are you really in love with your boyfriend?

just because he is your boyfriend doesnt mean you automatically love him..

Why do you love your exboyfriend?

Because there is a reason you loved him in the first place

What do you do if your boyfriend flirts with other girls?

You should confront your boyfriend and tell him how it makes you feel and try and work things out if you love him. If you don't love him you are better off just leaving himand finding someone that will stay faithful.

What does guacamole do to your face?

Makes it green and makes it delicious. Do it, your boyfriend will love it.

What if you love your boyfriend?

If you love your boyfriend... What are you talking about! Your boyfriend is supposed to be a boy you love! If you love your boyfriend, than may your relationship be long and forever going. Just know, that it may not work out and that there are more boys out there to choose and that Mr. Right is usually your 9th or 10th boyfriend! Boys, THEY LOVE YOU!! BE HAPPY!!!!!

What does it mean when you always think about your boyfriend?

well the reason that you think about you boyfriend is because you love him. you just want to know how his day is going and if he is thinking about u. just thinking about him , just makes u happy and makes ur day. especially when u think about the wonderful moment that u guys have had together. and knowing that he loves you and u love him too. there is nothing sweeter than that.

What does it mean when your boyfriend just wants to be friends?

it means that your boyfriend doesn't love you anymore or your boyfriend started to fall in love with another girl. wot a shame

How do you tell a girl that you love her more than anything.Except she has a boyfriend?

just go tell her you love her but don't just say it show it take her out to dinner or buy her something or something that makes her feel special just don't take it to far

Does your boyfriend like you or love you?

yes my boyfriend loves me.... you just got to read the signs

What if you love someone but you have a boyfriend and the worst its your ex?

,i will just forget my ex because i have my boyfriend..!

What do you love about your boyfriend?

i always loved how my last bf would be spontaneous and just do random romantic things, just because he could but what is love and what is a boyfriend?

What is something sweet to say to a boyfriend?

Just a simple i love you or i love you baby!! :)

How do you prove to your boyfriend you love him?

If you need to prove to your boyfriend you love him, let him go. He's paranoid. However, if he's just started this, assure him that you love him. Keep doing this. If he just can't understand that you really do love him, he's insecure.

How do you tell my boyfriend i love him?

If you mean how do you, meaning you not me, tell your boyfriend you love him, then you could just say "I love you" but if he's not your boyfriend but you like him I think saying "We should go out and do something sometime" would go better than I love you.

Does your boyfriend love you or just love your body?

that depends on the type of boy/man you are dating some love you others are just in it for your body

How do you tell a new boyfriend you love him?

just utter the three words and say "I love you"

You have a boyfriend but you still flirt with other people how do you show your boyfriend you love him?

You should show your boyfriend that you love him by just loving him. Tell him you love him. Write him a love note, or a love poem, or set up a surprise date that would be fun just for you two. Do something out of the ordinary to show him that you really do care about him, and that you can't help it if you flirt with other guys.

What should a girl do when she love truly her exboyfriend but he has a new girlfriend?

Get him drunk and suck him off!

What should you do if you fall in love with your exboyfriend?

I have the same problem... what you should do is talk to him a lot. And if you have the problem i do (he cheated on me) talk to him. It turns out that we would still be boyfriend/girlfriend if i was more love. (ex. hugs, kissing, etc.) GOOD LUCK! P.S. I still haven't got him... yet.

How can i show my boyfriend i still love him?

There is a few ways that you can show your boyfriend that you do love him still. You can just tell him that you love him, you can buy him things, you can write him a letter or you can do things that he enjoys doing.

What to say when you look at your boyfriend and he says what?

"Nothing, just that I love you"

How do you prove to your boyfriend that you love him?

just tell him and follow your heart