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It is not really a band, but a set of clutches, or a clutch pack. It means that you no longer have a 4th gear (overdrive) because the clutches are either burnt, or the seals that control the pressure are no longer sealing. It is also the weakest of all clutch asemblies in the transmission. You will need a transmission overhaul.

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Q: What does it mean when your overdrive band has failed?
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What does OVERDRIVE BAND FAILED OFF mean on a 1998 Ford Explorer?

On a 1998 Ford Explorer, Overdrive Band Failed Off means that the vehicle did not shift into Overdrive properly. The band for this gear should be serviced soon.

Why does a overdrive light flash on a Mercury Mystique?

The band that controls second and fourth gear has failed. Usually about a $400 repair at a transmission shop.

What makes a overdrive light flash on and off?

On Fords, that usually indicates transmission codes. Usually the 2nd/4th gear band has failed. Can be fixed around $400 at a trans. shop.

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In a 92 dodge ram 350 van does a lit overdrive mean that it is in overdrive or that it is not in overdrive?

Light being on means overdrive is inactive

Did the 1989 Z24 Cavalier come with 4 speed?

If it was a manual trans it was a five speed. If it was an auot then it was a three speed with an electronic overdrive. So with the electronic overdrive it was a four speed trans but the overdrive failed frequently and was disabled by many owners.

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How do you change the overdrive light on a 98 villager?

You will have to remove the instrument cluster. This may be an LED that should never have failed.

What does od off mean?

overdrive off

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extra heart.

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What does the Od light on a Toyota tacoma dash mean?

OD means Overdrive. The light is on because you have disengaged the Overdrive. The button is on the shift lever on the side. Push that button to engage the overdrive.

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What does an overdrive blinking light mean on 1999 ford explorer?

When the overdrive light blinks that means a malfunction has been detected - get it checked out

What does the od off light mean on the dash?

it means the overdrive is not on.

What is the problem if after your 1988 mercury grand marquis shifts out of second gear the car is very choppy after that when you accelerate?

If a 1988 Mercury Grand Marquis shifting out of second gear gets choppy after acceleration then the overdrive band may need servicing. An overdrive band that is sticking can also cause this problem.

What does OD mean on a ford ranger 2001 truck?

overdrive ( the overdrive gear of the transmission that allows the engine to run at a slower RPM when you are on the highway )

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What is over drive light mean?

That means you are either in overdrive or you have a defect in the dash lights that is turning on your overdrive light. Wiki can explain what overdrive is better than I can, but it's not a bad thing. You should probably just leave your vehicle in overdrive for better fuel economy.

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What does it mean if egr valve is stuck in closed performance position?

The valve has failed.The valve has failed.

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You can plug in your drum foot pedal and hit the pedal to activate overdrive.

What does it mean when the overdrive light is blinking on a 1994 Mustang?

There is a problem with the transmission.

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When the OD OFF indicator is lit on the dash does that mean I'm in Overdrive or I need to press it to turn it off?

If the light says off then your overdrive is turned off, push the button again and the light will turn off and overdrive will be on again.