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It could be a lot of diffrent things.. Stress, weight loss or gain, Sports, or even a posabliaty of Pregnancy.

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What does it mean if your period is 3 days late and shorter than normal?

you either have a late period or your pregnant mate.

What does it mean when your period is 3 days late what does it mean?

Well if you recently had sex you might be pregnant. But sometimes your period is just late for no reason.

What happens when your period is 2 days late then it comes on for 3 days with only light bleeding and spotting?

Nothing. You had a light period. Periods are often late 2 or three days and are often short and light. Doesn't mean anything.

Your period was 3 days late and it is now on could you be pregnant?

No, You were just late.

Your period is 3 days late but you are not pregnant What could be wrong?

Emotions can cause you to be late

Is it bad your period is 4 days late?

No not bad. When it is 3 weeks late it is bad.

What does it mean when you have a full period one month and a period that lats 3 days the next month?

Being late 3 days is nothing. It can even skip a month all naturally. The body is not always on the clock.

If You were 7 days late for your period then had a 3 day period could you be pregnant?


Is it normal to be 3 days late on your period?

Yes, many females are late with a period without it meaning anything is wrong.

What are the chances a girl is pregnant if she gets her period late and it ends early?

I have before my period, I start my period for 3 days then My period was stop after my period for 3 days, I want to know what happened to me?

You were 3 days late on your period but you have the symptoms how long after your period is overcan you take a test?


Is it possible to be pregnant if I started my period 3 days late but it was short and heavy?

haha, period!

You spotted for 5 days Period 3 days late?

You should go see your doctor.

If you have cramping and slight back pain 10 days before your period but no PMS systoms 3 days before your period is due could that mean you are pregnant?

it could. wait and see if your period is late. if so then take a test.

Your period was 1 day late and 3 days long when its usually 5 days are you pregnant?

An irregularity in your period does not mean you are pregnant. If you are getting your period at all then you are most likely not pregnant. It could be just a change in your diet or excess stress.

Snot like Cervical fluid that is yellow and your period is 3 days late can you be pregnant?

Yellow cervical mucous is caused by high progesterone in the luteal phase. That, combined with a late menstrual period, could mean pregnanccy.

What if im 3 days late on my period does that mean im pregnant?

If you've had unprotected intercourse there can be a risk but sometimes the period is late and sometimes it skips completely. It's normal. You can take a test 2 weeks after sex.

Is there anyway too make your period come 3 days late?

It is possible to make your period at a later date but it is not possible to make it come after exactly 3 days.

Could you be pregnant if your period was 3 days late and lasted about 2 days?

yes you could be pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you are 3 days late for your menstrual period?

No, if you protected yourself your fine it is normal if your period is late . But if you were not sure, you should have taken the day after pill.

You just came off the pill last month and you are 2 days late for your period for 3 days you have had this light cramping and sharp shooting pains in your overies but no blood what does this mean?

could be the onstart of your period your just late the pill most likely knocked you off track

You got your period and was 3 days late am i pregnant?

Even if your period came three days late if you got it, your probably not pregnant. I've heard of one person getting their period in the early days of pregnancy but it's highly doubtful you would get it if you were pregnant.

Your period is 3 days early what does that mean?

You are normal.

What does it mean when your period was a month late and when it did come it was brown and it only lasted 3 days?

where you taking birth control pills? if so that's probably why

What does it mean if your on your period 3 or more days?

It doesn't mean anything if your period lasts for 3 or more days. The average length of menstruation is between 5-7 days, so if your period lasts 3 or more days it's slightly shorter but still perfectly normal.

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