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If you took a pregnancy test and it come out negative your not pregnant you should see your doctor because you might be going though menopause.

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Q: What does it mean when your pregnancy test is negative but still no period?
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Can 46 days with no period and negative pregnancy test still mean pregnancy?

it means u are preganent congrat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur having a baby wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww

What does it mean when you are spotting and you late on your period but you test negative on the pregnancy test?

It means you are either having a very light period already, or it is still coming.

3 weeks late 2 negative home pregnancy test and still no period what does this mean?

Please call your doctor or medical professional about this condition.

If you had your period regardless of it being late or on time negative pregnancy test but having sore breasts what could that mean?

If your pregnancy test was negative, you got your period and your breasts are sore it could just mean that they're growing. Breasts can also be sore or tender during your period.

You took a pregnancy a day before your period and it came back negative Does that mean im really not pregnant?

Pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate, but being that it was negative and you got your period, I'd say you are definitely not pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if your period was due on the 3rd and today is the 6th and still no period and a test on the 4th was negative and should you take another test?

Take another test in 1 week, negative tests don't mean you are not pregnant, it just means your pregnancy hormones are not showing up yet (if you are pregnant). If you are still negative in a week and no period, then get a blood test.

What does it mean if the pregnancy test is negative?

If the pregnancy test was negative, it means that you are not pregnant.

What if your period stated on the 20Th of February it is now the 26Th of March you still haven't gotten your period you took a pregnancy test but it said negative what does this mean?

well it most likely means that either your period is late, your pregnant and the pregnancy test lied to you or you may have read the test wrong.

What does it mean if your period is late but the pregnancy test says negative?

Hi i missed a period and done a pregnancy test and was negative i did come on a month later this was because i have changed my pill and it didnt sort it out for a couple of months. Hope this helps

I took my last of clomophene 4 days ago and i still haven't got my period does this mean pregnancy Or does it at least mean good odds for pregnancy?

A missed period is a symptom of pregnancy, however, pregnancy can only be confirmed by a medical professional.

What if a girl misses her period and the pregnancy test is negative?

You don't always have your period. Just because you don't doesn't mean you're pregnant.

What does it mean if your period is five days late and you saw very light pink spotting once and a pregnancy test 1 day prior to when your period was due came negative?

Could you be pregnancy

When my period was 8 weeks late I took a pregnancy test and it came up negative I still didn't have anything for two weeks but now its spotting and its been brown discarge what does this mean?

You might be pregnant or having your period.

You have not had your period this month and you are five days late what dos this mean?

It means go buy a pregnancy test, and hope it is negative!

What does a negative pregnancy test mean?

your not pregnant !!

Does light period mean pregnancy?


Can you be 9 weeks pregnant and the pregnancy test be negative and you still had your period but you feel very tired have headaches everyday and feel sick sometimes?

It is possible if by period you mean light vaginal bleeding. It would be lighter and probably a different color than your usual period.

Can you be pregnant and have a very heavy period?

It is possible to still have a period and be pregnant/ Having a heavy period while pregnant could mean problems with the pregnancy. If you suspect you may be pregnant, take a home pregnancy test.

What does negative pregnancy test mean?

you not going to have a baby

What does it mean if I am feeling sick at certain parts of the day having period cramps but no period and negative pregnancy test?

I'm 2 weeks late and I have taken 3 pregnancy tests and a blood test all came back negative. I have all the symptoms missed period, sore breats, and morning sickness. Could a blood pregnancy test be wrong? or could I have had a miscarriege?

Is burning sensitive nipples and fatigue pregnancy symptoms even with 3 negative tests?

Yes it still can be. If you are late on your period or had an abnormally light one then yes. I have 2 children and pregnant with the third, and on my second pregnancy, my home pregnancy test didn't show positive until I was like 2 1/2 months along. But if you have had your period and are still showing a negative test then more than likely you are not pregnant. Burning nipples and fatigue can also mean impending menstruation as well.

Your period is a week late and the pregnancy test is negative could you still be pregnant?

yes it can mean that but also u might not be but you need to get a blood test done by your doctor or a health center near you to make sure

Does a negative pregnancy test mean that you can not be having a tubal pregnancy?

if the pregnancy test is neg. then ur not pregnant

What does it mean when you miss your period but took a pregnancy test that said negative?

You may just be having iregular periods i THINK but im not sure.

You went to the clinic and took a pregnancy test and came out negative but its been a month in a half now and you havent got your period does that mean im pregnant or not?

sorry but i did not go to the clinic and i did not take a pregnancy test that came out negative but thanks for your question